Master Program

International programs have been initiated since 2001  including Tsinghua-Aachen joint master program and Tsinghua-Gatech exchange  program. And a two-year, professional-orientated master's program in Management  Science and Engineering (Global Manufacturing) was founded in 2009 for students  with a global vision in management science and engineering, with special focus  on the manufacturing industry in China.

Master’s Program in Global Manufacturing

The two-year, professionally-oriented master's program in  Management Science and Engineering (Global Manufacturing) was founded in 2009  for students with a global vision in management science and engineering, with  special focus on the manufacturing industry in China. To date, 121 graduates  have come from various regions of the world including Europe, North America,  Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

Tsinghua-Aachen Double Degree Program

The program aims to cultivate engineering leaders with a strong innovative scientific research ability, practical engineering ability and international vision through cross-culture communication, course learning, scientific research and an industrial internship.

Tsinghua- Politecnico di Milano Double Degree Program

The program supports the exchange of students between the  Politecnico di Milano and the Tsinghua University. The aim is, through  cooperation to integrate the unique education resource of each university to  promote the faculty construction and improve the graduate student quality, thus  enable students to receive Master degrees of both Italian and Chinese  universities.

Admission Procedures


Applicants should  complete the Online Application on the website of the THU Graduate Programs  Application System for International Students during the designated THU  application period. Applicants should fill in the application information  online, upload the application documents listed below to the Online Application  System, and pay the application fee online at the time of submission.

 Admissions Criteria

Applicants must be  non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport.
 Applicants for  master's degree programs should have a bachelor's degree. Applicants for  doctoral programs should have a master's degree.
 Language skills  requirements:
 (a) For programs  offered in Chinese: Applicants must pass a Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) band  4 or new HSK band 4− with a score of 195 or above.
 (b) For programs  offered in English: Proficiency in English is mandatory.

Besides, to be  qualified for a graduate degree in Industrial Engineering, Applied statistics  and Operations research are critical prerequisites.

Application  Schedule

Phase 1: November  15, 2016 -- January 15, 2017
 Phase 2: February  15, 2017-- March 31, 2017
 Both the Online  Application and a complete set of Application documents should be completed and  the package should be received by March  31, 2017.
 Please note that for the Government or University scholarship applicants,  online application and all the application documents should be submitted before December 31, 2016.

Application  Guideline

Step 1: Online  Application

Complete Online  Application on the website of International Students Office, Tsinghua  University (
 For scholarship  application documents, please refer to the section "Tuition and  Scholarship".

Step 2: Documents  Submission

Please upload all  the listed documents below to the application system.
 1) The completed  Foreigner's Application Form for Admission to Graduate Programs of Tsinghua  University with 2-inch recent photo, signed by the applicant.
 2)  Personal statement.
 3)  The original or the notarial degree  certificate or proof of education in academic institution (need to submit  original or notarial degree certificate after being awarded), and academic  transcript. The degree certificate and academic transcript must be officially  sealed. All the original or the notarial ones will be permanently kept in  students' archives by the university.
 4)  Two academic recommendation letters from  scholars of associate professorship or higher (must show referee's phone number  and email address on the letter).
 5)  Copy of the page with personal information in  the passport (personal and ordinary passport).
 6)  The completed Tuition Scholarship Application  Form of Tsinghua University (if applicable, original).
 7)  Transcripts of TOEFL or IELTS (for applicants  who don't have a degree in English-speaking countries).

Step 3:  Application Fee

The application fee  is RMB 800 (non-refundable).
 1)  Pay online using credit card
 After your online application form is verified or the materials are received by  Tsinghua University, the staff will make you the online payment draft, and at  the same time, an email will be automatically sent out to remind you to pay the  application fee via the online application system.
 2)  Pay in cash at the International Students  Office (Room 120,Zijing Building 22)of Tsinghua University.

Application  Remarks

Use the online  application to apply. The online application offers tools for collecting and  submitting.
 1) Applicants are  required to submit scanned images of all required documents at the time of  application. All uploaded documents should be in Chinese or in English;  otherwise notarial translations in Chinese or English are required. Once  translated, the original documents and certified translations are to be  submitted together to the application system.
 2) Please scan the  original or notarial application documents in color using a scanner. Documents  images captured by mobile phone or camera are not acceptable. Copies are also  not acceptable.
 3) Application fee  must be paid at time of application submission. THU is not responsible for  errors made by applicants during the application process. There are no  application-fee refunds.
 4) Applications  with incomplete documents or without application fee payment will not be  processed.
 5) THU may request  some applicants to offer original or notarial hardcopies of application  documents for further qualification check if uploaded documents are not  sufficient. Applicants shall guarantee all the information and application  documents submitted in this application are authentic and accurate, otherwise,  the admission will be disqualified.
 6) None of the  above application documents will be returned.

Evaluation  and Admission

THU enrolls  students by document evaluation together with matriculation examination. The  admission committee of the applicable department will review the application  documents and select applicants for further examination. The examination will  be made by one of the following methods: ①Interview Exemption; ②Personal Interview; ③Interview plus written test. If an interview is required  for admission, the department will contact the applicant directly to set up an  interview appointment; and provide information about the interview process.
 Admission to the  graduate program is determined at the department level with oversight by  Tsinghua University according to the result of document review, result of  interview, and other factors. Certificate of Admission will be issued by THU  Graduate Admission Office after the final admission result is released. Prior  to this, applicants may check admission status via the THU Graduate Programs  Application System for International Students.

Tuition and  Scholarship

Tuition: RMB  39,000/year.
 Accidental Injury  and Hospitalization Insurance: RMB 600/year.
 Accommodation: Due to  limited dormitory capacity, on-campus rooms can only be reserved for those who  have successfully applied online. For Chinese Government Scholarship  (full-scholarship) recipients, a dormitory on campus will be reserved by the  University. Those who fail to apply for the dorm online have to find off-campus  accommodation independently.
 Detailed  information regarding THU academic life, accommodation, student activities,  visa, and residence permit application, as well as other useful information, is  available at

 Tsinghua University  currently offers Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS), Beijing Government  Scholarship (BGS) or Tsinghua University Scholarship (TUS)..
 Besides, the  Department of Industrial Engineering offers scholarships to the excellent  international students who do not get the three types of scholarship mentioned  above.

Contact Information of Admission Office

Ms. Yan LI
 Add: North 511, Shunde Building,
 The Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua  University,
 Haidian District, 10084, Beijing, P.R. China
 Tel: +86-10-62771010

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