Master of Engineering Management

Admissions to the International Program of Master of Engineering Management (iMEM) 
1. Qualification of Applicants 
(1) Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, management, or related disciplines, by the date of registration (August, 2017) 
(2) Language skill: proficiency in English OR Chinese 
2. How to Apply 
All applicants to this program should FIRST submit application via email ( AND with the application documents listed below as attachment files. After review of the submitted documents, invited applicants will be given guidelines on how to submit official online application through university application system. 
Application Schedule 
Date:23 March, 2017~31 May, 2017 
Email address: 
List of Application Documents 
Please email us all the listed documents below to the above two email addresses: 
(1). Personal statement (PDF file preferred). 
(2). Degree certificate (PDF file). The applicant should submit a scan copy of bachelor’s degree certificate. Those who have not graduated yet must provide a proof of education status from your current academic institution. 
(3). Academic transcript (PDF file). The applicant should submit a scan copy of academic transcript of undergraduate study. 
(4). Two academic recommendation letters from your current or previous professors or employers. (PDF file, scan copy with signature and title) 
(5). Scan copy of Passport: the personal information page of personal ordinary passport (PDF file).

Application Remarks 
(1). Applicants are required to submit scanned images (PDF files) of all required documents at the time of email application or online submission later on. All submitted documents should be in English or in Chinese; otherwise notarial translations in Chinese or English are required. For translated documents, the original documents and certified translations are required to be submitted together. 
(2). Please scan the original or notarial application documents in color using a scanner. Mobile phone or camera photos are NOT acceptable. 
(3). We may request some applicants to submit original or notarial hardcopies of application documents for further qualification check if their originally submitted documents are not sufficient. Applicants shall guarantee all the information and application documents submitted in this application are authentic and accurate, otherwise, the admission will be disqualified. 
(4). None of the above application documents will be returned.

3. Evaluation and Admission 
The evaluation committee will review the application documents submitted via email. Then the committee will recommend a list of invited applicants. These applicants will receive our invitations to submit their official online application, together with guidelines on how to submit online.   
Admission to the iMEM program is determined at the department/school level with oversight by Tsinghua University according to the result of document review, result of interview, and other factors. 
Official Certificate of Admission will be issued by THU Graduate Admission Office after the final admission result is released. Prior to this, applicants may check admission status via the THU Graduate Programs Application System for International Students. 
4. Scholarship 
Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS) or Beijing Government Scholarship (BJS). Invited Applications will receive guidelines on CSC and BGS application.  
5. Accommodation 
Due to limited dormitory capacity, on-campus rooms can only be reserved for those who have successfully applied online. For Chinese Government Scholarship (full-scholarship) recipients, a dormitory on campus will be reserved by the University. Those who fail to apply for the dorm online have to find off-campus accommodation independently. 
Detailed information regarding THU academic life, accommodation, student activities, visa, and residence permit application, as well as other useful information, is available at 
6. Costs (Unit: RMB Yuan) 
(1) Application Fee: RMB 800 (waived for iMEM) 
(2) Tuition Fees: RMB 39,000/Year       2 Years Program 
(3) Accidental Injury and Hospitalization Insurance: RMB 600/year 
(4) Accommodation: RMB 80/day·bed for single rooms and A-B rooms, RMB 40/day·bed for double rooms in student dormitories. 
7Application Contact 
Ms. Caina GAO 
The Education Center of Master of Engineering Management (MEM), Tsinghua University 
Phone: 010-62794038   62786229 
Shunde Building 511, Tsinghua University, 
Beijing, 100084, P. R. China

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