International Master of Engineering Management (IMEM) Program

1. Preparing future leaders of global engineering project management.

The world is driven by information and technology in a complex and competitive manner.  Organizations around the world are seeking talents who not only have advanced knowledge in design, finance, engineering and the manufacturing process, but also the ability to manage and motivate individuals and teams from different culture backgrounds, in order to maximize teamwork, foster creativity and boost productivity. The International Master of Engineering Management (IMEM) program of Tsinghua University is designed to prepare engineers and technical specialists for technology leadership and industry management in global engineering projects. Through multidisciplinary, comprehensive and practical education, IMEM students will:

  Learn state-of-the-art knowledge in engineering management systematically.

  Gain in-depth insights into Chinese engineering practices.

  Be extensively involved in cross cultural team work.

  Enhance their abilities in the context of Chinese culture and engineering.

2. Developing students’ management and leadership skills.

IMEM is a 2-year professional Master degree program. It offers students the flexibility and diversity to suit their interests. All students complete 36 credits courses, including Chinese language, Chinese culture and society, core management courses and specialization courses. IMEM students can also customize their coursework by choosing courses offered by other schools and departments at Tsinghua University, such us the Department of Construction Management, Department of Automotive Engineering, or School of Software and more. IMEM immersion class and internship will ensure students in gaining valuable experience in Chinese industries. Lectures and seminars will introduce students to academia, industry and business leaders, to discuss the complex challenges currently facing the world.

To receive a Master degree in Engineering Management, students are required to complete:

  5-credit compulsory courses: Chinese, Chinese Culture and Society.

  19-credit in engineering management courses and immersion class.

  12-credit in specialization courses and internship.

  Master thesis research, which is encouraged to be based on students’ own job assignment or internship in industry.

IMEM students are expected to advance their engineering expertise, managerial skills and global awareness, while obtaining a good understanding of the Chinese perspective.  Students will also learn how to organize and supervise individuals and teams from different cultures and backgrounds, in order to maximize teamwork abilities, creativity and productivity.

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3. Features of Tsinghua IMEM

In 2010, the Ministry of Education of China initiated the professional Master degree program of engineering management, to meet the great and urgent demands for talents, in order to serve the rapid developments of modern engineering. In 2018, 235 students were admitted to the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program of Tsinghua University. The number of enrollments is expected to grow steadfastly in the following years. Based on many years of success of the domestic MEM program, the IMEM program is designed to meet the demands of global engineering projects in the globalization context. The program is the first of its kind in China. It is unique among graduate programs in terms of its flexibility, multidisciplinary curriculum and opportunities of cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

(1)    Multidisciplinary curriculum: combining state-of-the-art engineering advancements, industry leading knowledge in management, and training in business, finance, information technology, culture and related areas.

(2)    Chinese perspective: well-designed immersion class and internship provide students with visits and hands-on practices in a cross-cultural context, to improve teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

(3)    Sino-Foreign Cooperative Graduate Education: professors from prestigious universities internationally will jointly cultivate IMEM students.

(4)    Flexible study options: MOOC courses are available for certain core courses, offering greater schedule flexibility for students.

(5)    MEM Assistantship: IMEM students are eligible for MEM Assistantship, which will promote their interaction with the MEM program students, improve their Chinese and cross-cultural communication skills.

4.    How to apply

All applicants to this program should FIRST submit application via email ( AND with the application documents listed below as attachment files. After review of the submitted documents, the admission committee will select applicants for further matriculation examination. The examination will be made by one of the following methods: 1) Interview Exemption; 2) Personal Interview; 3) Interview plus written test. Those who passed the matriculation examination will be recommend as invited applicants and will receive our invitations to submit their official online application through university application system.

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5.  Application contact

MEM Education Center, Tsinghua University
Contact person: Ms. Haitao WANG
Telephone: 86-010-62781994



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