International Master of Engineering Management (IMEM) Program

1.    Preparing students for managing global engineering projects

In today's complex and competitive world of information and technology, organizations around the world are seeking talents who not only have advanced knowledge in design, finance, engineering and the manufacturing process, but also possess the ability to manage and motivate individuals and teams from different culture backgrounds, in order to maximize teamwork, foster creativity and boost productivity. The International Master of Engineering Management (IMEM) program of Tsinghua University prepares engineers and technical specialists for the technology leadership or industry management in global engineering projects. Through a multidisciplinary education program integrating engineering, management, business and IT with analytical tools and techniques, IMEM expands students' vision and provides them with opportunities to build and stretch managerial skills and integrate their business and technical knowledge in an environment of global awareness.

The program will help you accelerate your career with the following benefits:

(1) More vital in an organization. 

(2) Greater job responsibility.

(3) Higher salary.

(4) Rapid career advancements.

(5) Wider career opportunities.

2. Developing students' managerial and leadership skills

IMEM is a 2-year professional degree program. The program requires 42-credit hours consisting of coursework in engineering, management and other related disciplines. Students are expected to advance their engineering expertise, managerial skills and global awareness, while gaining a good understanding of the Chinese perspective. These are all necessary for students to become top talents in engineering management and industry leaders in global engineering projects. Students will also learn how to organize and supervise individuals and teams from different cultures and backgrounds, so as to maximize teamwork, creativity, productivity and optimize resources allocation.

To receive a Master's degree in Engineering Management at Tsinghua University, students are required to complete:

(1) 4-credit courses in Chinese, Chinese Culture and Society;

(2) 20-credit engineering management courses, covering business, finance and engineering practice courses;

(3) 12-credit specialization courses;

(4) Internship, including report and presentation;

(5) 6-credit Master thesis research: which is encouraged to be based on students' own job assignment or internship in industry.

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IMEM students will gain the following skills, which are key to their future success in career:

(1) Problem Solving.

(2) Communication & Presentation.  

(3) Leadership & Organization.

(4) Strategic thinking.

3. Advantages of Tsinghua IMEM

In 2010, the Ministry of Education of China initiated the professional master degree program of engineering management, in order to meet the great and urgent needs of talents for the rapid development of modern engineering. In 2012, the first cohort of 70 students were admitted to the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program of Tsinghua University. The number of enrollments has been growing year by year. In 2015, the MEM Education Center, which is in charge of the management and operation of the program was set up; and in 2016, the Center launched the international Master of Engineering Management program (IMEM).

The IMEM program at Tsinghua was based on several years of success of the domestic MEM education program, which trained Chinese engineering management talents. IMEM is tailored to meet the needs of global engineering projects in the globalization context. It is the first such program in China. It is distinctive among graduate programs in terms of its flexibility, multidisciplinary curriculum and opportunities of cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

(1) Flexible study options: MOOC courses are available for certain required courses, offering greater flexibility to students, especially those who have difficulties studying full time on-campus for two years.

(2) Multidisciplinary curriculum, which combines state-of-the-art engineering advancements, industry leading knowledge in management , along with training in business, finance, information technology, culture and related areas.

(3) Immersion class, which includes well-designed visits and hands-on practice in a cross-cultural context, to improve teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

(4) Sino-Foreign Cooperative Graduate Education: Professors from the most prestigious universities in BRICS countries will jointly cultivate the IMEM students.

In addition, Scholarship is available, based on needs and merits.

4.    How to apply

All applicants to this program should FIRST submit application via email ( AND with the application documents listed below as attachment files. After review of the submitted documents, the admission committee will select applicants for further matriculation examination. The examination will be made by one of the following methods: 1) Interview Exemption; 2) Personal Interview; 3) Interview plus written test. Those who passed the matriculation examination will be recommend as invited applicants and will receive our invitations to submit their official online application through university application system.

For more information about application ,scholarship and so on, please click here.

5.    Application contact

The Education Center for Master of Engineering Management, Tsinghua University
Ms.Haitao WANG
Tel: 86-010-62781994


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