Accepted Papers

All accepted papers are listed below. For detail decisions, please check from Easychair system or refer to decision letters sent previously. If you have not receive decision letter yest, please check Easychair system or contact with us immediately.
Paper ID Paper Title
5 Hand Rehabilitation Using Virtual Reality and Electromyography Signals
7 Big data in Wisdom manufacturing
10 Self-Organizing Manufacturing: Current status and Prospect for Industry 4.0
11 Internet-of-things and Cloud Computing for Smart Industry: A Systematic Mapping Study
13 Research Methods for Human Activity Space Based on Vicon Motion Capture System
17 Construction on six-hierarchy model of human factors analysis and its application
19 From Intelligent Manufacturing to Smart Manufacturing for Industry 4.0 Driven by Next Generation Artificial Intelligence and Further On
20 Design and implementation of a smart temperature-predicting system based on Industrial IoT
22 How to Design the Feedback Information from a Smart Agent to Promote Energy Conservation?
24 An XML based information integration for Machine, MES and ERP
26 Human work evaluation based on wearable sensors in human factors and ergonomics: A review
28 Work-related musculoskeletal disorders and risk factors: a cross-sectional study among Chinese flight baggage handlers
31 The supply chain network on cloud manufacturing environment based on COIN model with Q-Learning algorithm
32 A recommedation system for collaborative visualization system
33 Bearing Remaining Useful Life Prediction Based on Deep Autoencoder Feature Fusion
34 Genetic algorithm based novel methodology of multi-constraint job scheduling
35 Fault Diagnosis Based on improved Deep Belief Network
37 Implementation of MTConnect in machine monitoring system for CNCs
38 A Faster-RCNN Based Chemical Fiber Paper Tube Defect Detection Method
42 Proportion-Based Fuzzy Gait Phase Detection Algorithm Using the Plantar Pressure
44 Analysis of a six-axis industrial robot’s dynamic path accuracy based on an optical tracker
45 An experimental research facing to the humanity design of HUD failure alerts
47 Object Detection based on Visual Memory: A Feature Learning and Feature Imagination Process
49 Evaluate fatigue and comfort of blue light influence under general condition and low blue light condition
50 Study on the influences of antireflection film on visual search performance and visual fatigue
51 An example for industry 4.0: Design and implementation of a mobile app for industrial surveillance based on cloud
52 Application of SVR Optimized by Modified Simulated Annealing (MSA-SVR) Air Conditioning Load Prediction Model
53 Effects of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality on Induced Anxiety
54 Study on Clustering Methodology-based Garment Size Filing Technology
57 Construction of Safety Competency Evaluation System for High - risk Industry
60 Empirical Research on coal miners’ Operating Movement Output Capacity and Accident Proneness
62 The attitude of senior adults to text entry of Chinese characters on the mobile devices
64 Improving early OSV design robustness by applying ‘Big Data Analytics’ on a ship´s life cycle
65 Non-line-of-sight Error Analysis Model Based on Fitting
66 Remaining Useful Life Prediction for Lithium-ion Battery Based on Autoencoder and Deep Neural Network
68 Transportation Mode Recognition Algorithm based on Multiple Support Vector Machine Classifiers
69 Research on the technical architecture for building CPS and its application on a mobile phone factory
70 Research on the Improvement of CNC Machine Tool HMI Based on Eye Tracking Experiment
71 Comprehensive Analysis on Heterogeneous Wireless Network In High-speed Scenarios
72 Big Data Analytics for Air Quality Monitoring at a Logistics Shipping Base via Autonomous Wireless Sensor Network Technologies
73 Developing a Virtue Reality Game User Experience Test Method Based on EEG Signal
76 An Experimental Performance Evaluation of the Orientation Accuracy of Four Nine-Axis MEMS Motion Sensors
77 Process monitoring based on orthogonal locality preserving projection
78 The Location and Capacity of Distributed Generation Based on Genetic Algorithm
80 The Application of Surface Electromyography and Pressure System on Cyclists' Body Fatigue
81 Transportation Mode Recognition Algorithm based on Bayesian Voting
82 PLL with Piecewise Judgement Function for SMO Beased Sensorless Control of PMSM
83 Identifying Electricity Consumer Characteristics Based on Load Pattern Grouping
85 The Research of Long-Chain Wireless Sensor Network Based on 6LoWPAN
87 Based on the network pricing and unascertained membership wireless network resource management algorithm
88 Hierarchical scheduling for multi-constrained flexible job shop based on heuristic and intelligent optimization algorithms
92 OPC UA-based Smart Manufacturing: System Architecture, Implementation, and Execution
96 Daily Load Data Analysis based on Optimal Evolutionary Clustering
97 Data Cleaning Method Based on Time Series Similarity Measurement for Large-Scale Smart Grid Load Data
100 Development of a Generalization Bass Diffusion Model for Chinese Electric Vehicles Considering Charging Stations
101 Studying subway operation in schemes based on the combination of fast and slow lines
103 Personalization in dynamic assortment planning: An analysis based on multi-agent simulation method
104 Systems Engineering in Smart Manufacturing Development
108 Speeding up 3D Printing Using Multi-head Slicing Algorithms
109 Virtual Sense Oriented Artificial Fish Interaction Method
111 A production-based scheduling model for complex products in cloud environment
112 Occlusion Edges Extracation for Depth Ordering Inference from Monocular Images
113 An Effective Algorithm for Detecting and Eliminating Wi-Fi Fingerprint Outliers
116 Data-Driven Quality Control for a Water Supply System
129 MOSFET‒Hybrid Threshold Mode of Gated Lateral BJT for ion sensor
133 A framework for agile configuration of product structure data
134 A Model-based Method for Assisting Decision Making Process in product Development
136 Typhoon early warning modeling for regional disaster evaluation
139 A proposal of NV center in nanodiamond based magnetometer toward human neuron AP detection
143 Magnetic sensing of magnetization in magnetotactic bacteria with nitrogen vacancy centers in dimond
146 Articulation work in subsea operations: Taking teamwork seriously in assessment of subsea operations
152 A high efficiency twin coil ferrite rod antenna for RF energy harvesting in AM band
154 An Optimized Resource Efficient Approximation of max* Operator for Recalculation in Turbo Code Decoder
156 Real-time and Non-intrusive On-site Diagnosis for Commissioning Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks in Building Automation
157 Location aided commissioning of building automation devices enabled by high accuracy indoor positioning
158 A framework of diagnosis recommender system based on multiple data sources
159 Health recommendation graphical data mining model over Big Data
161 A Fairness-Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks with Multiple Access Points
162 Rotate Vector Reducer Crankshaft Fault Diagnosis Using Acoustic Emission Techniques
163 LSPR Detection of Extracellular vesicles (EVs) using a silver-PDMS nano-composite platform
164 SEMG-Based Research of Upper Body Muscle Fatigue During Manual Material Handling



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