Hotel Information

Hotel name Star-rated Rooms Breakfast Prices(In RMB) Location Contact
Jinchunyuan Hotel - Single/Twin Room 1 person 538 In Tsinghua 010-62784008
Wenjin Hotel 5 Single/Twin Room 1 person 868 200m from the south gate of Tsinghua 010-62525566
Tsinghua Unisplendour International Center 4 Single/Twin Room 1 person 700 50m from the south-east gate of Tsinghua 010-62791888
Geosciences International Conference Centre - Single/Twin Room 1 person 550 1.3km from Tsinghua 010-82323888
Xijiao Hotel 3 Single/Twin Room 1 person 490 1.5km from Tsinghua 010-62322288

Prices listed above is negotiated rate. When phoning in your reservations, you must alert the registration staff that you are attending conference held by Industrial Engineering Dept. of Tsinghua University, in order to get the negotiated hotel room rate.



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