Plenary Speech

Xu dong
Founder of Tianjin ZEM-HOME intelligent technology co.
Speech Title:
Intelligent life begins with ZEM-HOME
Tianjin ZEM-HOME intelligent technology co., LTD., which was founded in 2015, is a high-tech company that sets up the independent research and development of intelligent hardware, the Internet of things integrated solutions, intelligent home ecosystem solutions. For only two short years, ZEM-HOME company seizes the historic opportunity for rapid development of smart home and Internet of things ,It based on customer demand, adhere to the user as the center, continuous innovation and used from the traditional retail extraordinary business model through the integration of superior resources and played a complementary industry with the aid of mature channel partners. It quickly opened up the retail supermarket, petrochemical, finance and real estate developer channels, obtained a large number of users, which won the respect and trust of the users. Nowadays, we develope the "DOSLOCK" series of intelligent products and intelligent home solutions, take the "One Belt And One Road" national strategy , has been widely used in more than 20 countries and regions, ZEM-HOME company is being more and more families favoured by the user. ZEM-HOME company is willing to hand in hand with more partners, and strive to build a more efficient integration of the Internet of things system, make every family in the world can enjoy the new life experience, and thus to promote the progress of the times together. The ZEM-HOME company, always firmly believing, though the road is far, the line will go; a thing is difficult, it will be done.

Xu dong, male, Founder of Tianjin ZEM-HOME intelligent technology co., LTD., He is responsible for the company's overall operation and development planning. In 2013, He founded Tianjin pinrui technology co., LTD., responsible for the overall operation of the company and the design and implementation of intelligent building. Took office in 2010, Tianjin Back back good science and technology development co., LTD., as a sales director, responsible for the sales team of operations management and marketing planning, tenure has created Ozing, Back back good series product sales of myth in tianjin area.

Song Guiling
Vice general manager, Wuxi Beiyou Sensing Technology and Industry Research Institute Co. Ltd.
Speech Title:
Intelligent Control and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Modern industrial control meet the new challenge from automation and IT technology. With over 10 years real industrial control experience, we would overview the history of automation firstly, give a brief glance at the layout of Intelligent control as well as Manufacturing Product Lines, including: intelligent controller, field bus, I/O module, motion control, industrial solutions, application cases, etc. Secondly, the importance of Industrial Information Cloud Platform would be concerned. Architecture of Cloud Platform would be given with the Built-in Functions of Cloud Platform, such as: Data Parsing, Remote HMI, Remote Diagnosis, Remote Programming, Smart Data Analysis, Video Stream, API, etc. Finally, case study in terms of intelligent control and industrial cloud platform would be presented as the demonstration of our approach to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Mr. Song has been working in Software Engineering field about 17 years. He holds a Master in Software Engineering. He is a Ph. D. candidate in computer science and technology at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications now. He was awarded the title of “advanced worker” of Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission in 2008. He is a member of Laboratory of Mobile Robot & Intelligent Technology ,BUPT. He owns 11 software copyrights and 3 patents for inventions. He was also involved in several national key projects like “973 Science and Technology Plan” and “Technology Support Program ” of Ministry of Science and Technology, China.



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