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Zhenglin Liang, Associate Professor


Name: Zhenglin Liang Phone: +86-10-6279-2376 E-mail: Fax: +86-10-6279-4399 Address: 605 South Shunde Building Homepage:


Dr. Zhenglin Liang received his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge, St John’s College. He is currently an Assistant Professor in System Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering, at Tsinghua University. Prior to joining the Tsinghua University, he worked at the Asset Management group at the University of Cambridge as a Research Associate for three years. During this time, he also collaborated with Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) and Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) at the University of Cambridge on predictive maintenance and digital twins related projects.  He has been awarded as Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy since 2017. Currently, he is working in areas of infrastructure management & maintenance, reliability & resilience of 5G networks, service value-based maintenance, etc. He also serves as the deputy head of Tsinghua-Huawei Research Centre.

Educational Background

2011-2015, Ph.D.: Reliability Engineering and Asset Management, St John's College at University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
2010-2011, M.Sc.: M.Sc.: Image & Video Communications & Signal Processing, Faculty of Engineering/ University of Bristol, United Kingdom.
2007-2010, Bachelor of Science: Electrical & Electronic Engineering, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering/ University of Manchester, United Kingdom.    

Employment History

2019-present, Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University
2016-2019, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Cambridge University
2015-2016, Research Assistant at Cambridge University    


For Undergraduate:
2019-present: Reliability Engineering and Asset Management(With Professor Su Wu)
For Postgraduate:
2020-present: Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis(With Professor Yan-Fu Li)
For International Students:
2019-present: Managerial Economics    


Four Doctoral Students
Five Undergraduate Students (Finial year projects)    

Research Interests

System Reliability
Network Resilience and Reliability
Prognostic Health Management
Machine Learning  
Digital Twins
Predictive Maintenance    

Research Projects

Teaching Reform Programme:
1. Zhenglin Liang, Yan-Fu Li、Xiwen Bai,Chinese Case Study and Teaching Framework Reform, 100K
2. Yan-Fu Li, Zhenglin Liang, Digital Teaching Platform for Experiment, 20K

Research Funding:
1. 2020-present:A Smart Facility Asset Management for Serving the Macro-characteristic of Networks,National Natural Science Foundation of China- youth fund
1. 2020-present:Systemic Maintenance Modeling for Telecommunication Network,funded by Huawei
2. 2020-present: Maintenance Scheduling for Intelligent Wheelsets,funded by ZhiQi
3. 2018-2019: Digital Built Britain, funded by the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, participated.
4. 2016-2018: Fault Prognosis for Gas Turbines, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd, participated.
5. 2016-2018: Smart Infrastructure and Construction, funded by EPSRC and Innovate UK, participated.
6. 2015-2016: Prognosis and Maintenance Management for High-Speed Train, funded by Hitachi Europe Ltd, participated.    


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Internal Service

1.    Assisted on establishing Tsinghua-Huawei Research Centre

2.     Assisted on organizing annual conference for Institute of Quality and Reliability, Tsinghua University

3.     Participated the departmental IE Course Structure Reform Team

4.     Participated the departmental Research and Service Working Group 


External Service

Conference Organising

1.    IEEE QRS2020, Workshop Chair

2.     IEEE QRS2021, Workshop Chair

3.     ESREL 2020, Committee Panel

4.     ESREL 2021, Committee Panel


Journal Reviewer

1.     IISE Transactions

2.     Reliability Engineering & System Safety

3.     IEEE Transactions on Reliability

4.     International Journal of Production Economics

5.     International Journal of Production Research

6.     International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems

7.     Future Generation Computer Systems

8.     Expert Systems with Applications

9.     Measurement

10.   Journal of Risk and Reliability


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