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Simin Huang, Professor


Name: Simin Huang Phone: +86-10-6278-1658 E-mail: Fax: +86-10-6279-4399 Address: Room South 523, Shunde Building, Tsinghua University Homepage:


Honors and Awards

1. Best paper award, the Symposium on Internet New Media, New Technology (2008)
2. University at Buffalo’s sole allowable nominee for the 2006-2007 NAGS Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award (2007)
3. Science and technology progress award (the first class, Key member), Chinese Academy of Sciences. (1997)

Educational Background

Department of Industrial Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA, 2004
Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering
Department of Statistics, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA, 1999
Master of Art in Statistics
Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 1995
Doctor of Philosophy in Management Science
Department of Mathematics, Wuhan University, China, 1986
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics    

Employment History

Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Professor (12/11 – present)

Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Associate Professor (08/05 – 12/11)

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada
Post-Doctorate Fellow (8/04 – 7/05)

Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Assistant Researcher (7/95 – 7/96)    


1. Undergraduate
Applied Statistics
Probability and Applied Statistics
Traffic Systems Planning and Control
Design and Analysis of Experiments
Demand and Inventory Management

2. Graduate
Transportation and Distribution Management
Applied Statistics
Theory of Traffic Engineering
Advanced Logistics
Logistics and Supply Chain Management    

Research Interests

Supply Chain Design
Production/Manufacturing Systems
Applied Statistics
Inventory Management
Traffic Engineering
Security and Emergency Management    


Selected Papers

1. Yuxuan Zhang, Pingke Li, S. Alex Yang, and Simin Huang (2021). Inventory Financing under RAROC Criterion. Naval Research Logistics (Accepted).

2. Li, Songtao; Chen, Ruoran; Yang, Lijian; Huang, Dinglong; Huang, Simin (2020). Predictive modeling of consumer color preference: Using retail data and merchandise images. Journal of Forecasting. Volume 39, Issue 8, Pages 1305-1323.

3. Chi, Zhexiang; Lin, Jing; Chen, Ruoran; Huang, Simin (2020). Data-driven approach to study the polygonization of high-speed railway train wheel-sets using field data of China's HSR train. Measurement, vol.149, p.107022.

4. Cai, Li, Lisha Li, Simin Huang, Liang Ma & Lijian Yang (2020). Oracally Efficient Estimation for Dense Functional Data with Holiday Effects. Test, vol.29, no.1, pp. 282–306.

5. Chi Z, Chen R, Huang S, Li Y (2020). Multi-state system modeling and reliability assessment for group of high-speed train wheels. Reliability Engineering & Safety System. Volume 202, 107026.

6. Chi Z, Zhou T, Huang S, Li Y (2020). A data-driven based approach for the health prognosis of high-speed train wheels. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability, vol. 234, no. 6, pp. 735–747.

7. Nan Chen, Zhi-Hai Zhang, Simin Huang & Li Zheng (2018): Chinese consumer responses to carbon labeling: evidence from experimental auctions, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. Vol. 61, No. 13, 2319–2337.

8. S Li, S Huang (2018). Multiple searchers searching for a randomly distributed immobile target on a unit network, Networks. Volume 71, Issue 1, Pages 60–80

9. Bingxiong Lu, Xiangyuan Du, Simin Huang (2017). The economic and environmental implications of wastewater management policy in China: From the LCA perspective. Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 142, Part 4, 20, Pages 3544–3557.

10. Lu, Bingxiong, Simin Huang, and Ignacio E. Grossmann (2017). Optimal synthesis and operation of wastewater treatment process with dynamic influent. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 56.30: 8663-8676.

11. Ruoran Chen, Simin Huang (2017). Asymmetric Wheat Auctions with Resale and Partially Divisible Bidding Objects. Operations Research Letters. 45(6), 610-615.

12. Huang, S, Wang, Q., Batta, R. and Nagi, R. (2015). An Integrated Model for Site Selection and Space Determination of Warehouses. Computers & Operations Research, 62, pp. 169-176.

13. Lei Xu, Qian Wang & Simin Huang (2015). Dynamic order acceptance and scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup time. International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 53, No. 19, 5797–5808.

14. Chen R., Deng T., Huang S. and Qin R. (2015). Optimal Crude Oil Procurement under Fluctuating Price in an Oil Refinery, European Journal of Operational Research, 245(2), pp. 438-445.

15. Ji, Xiaocong; Zhang, Zhihai; Huang, Simin; Li, Lefei (2015), Capacitated disassembly scheduling with parts commonality and start-up cost and its industrial application, International Journal of Production Research, 54:4, 1225-1243.

16. Ji, Xiaocong; Huang, Simin; Grossmann, Ignacio (2015), Integrated Operational and Financial Hedging for Risk Management in Crude Oil Procurement, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 54 (37), pp 9191–9201.

17. Chen X., Huang S., Chen D., Zhang Z., Zheng L., Grossmann I., Chen S. (2014), Hierarchical decomposition approach for crude oil scheduling: a SINOPEC case, Interfaces, 44(3), pp. 269-285.

18. Wu T., Huang S., Blackhurst J., Zhang, X., Wang S. (2013), Supply Chain Risk Management: An Agent Based Simulation to Study the Impact of Retail Stockouts, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 60(4), pp. 676-686. 

19. Wang H., Huang, S., Liu, Z. and Zheng, L. (2013), Optimal Tanker Chartering Decisions with Spot Freight Dynamics Considerations, Transportation Research E, 51, pp. 109–116.

20. Cao, H. and Huang, S. (2012), Principles of scarce medical resource allocation in nature disaster’s relief: a simulation approach, Medical Decision Making, 32, pp.470-476.

21. Mujawar, S, Huang, S. and Nagi, R. (2012), Scheduling to Minimize Stringer Utilization for Continuous Annealing Operations, Omega, The International Journal of Management Science, 40,pp.437–444.

22. Lü, M., Huang, S. and Shen, Z. (2011), Product substitution and dual sourcing under random supply failures. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 45, pp. 1251-1265.

23. Huang, S, Lü, M. and Wan, G. (2011), Integrated order selection and production scheduling under MTO strategy. International Journal of Production Research, 49, pp.4085–4101.



1. Li Zheng, Simin Huang, Zhihai Zhang (Ed.), Manufacturing Productivity in China. Taylor & Francis Inc 2016

2. Zhao, X., Huang, S. Inventory Management, Tsinghua University Press (in Chinese), 2008


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