The Department of Industrial Engineering Held the 2017 Commencement Ceremony 2017.07.03

The 2017 commencement ceremony of Department of Industrial Engineering was held at Xijie lecture hall on July 1. Over 200 members, including Department Head Zuojun Shen, Party Secretary Zhizhong Li, Vice Department Head Kaibo Wang, Vice Department Head Simin Huang, Department Head Assistant Ye Cheng, Director of Undergraduate Affairs Office Chen Wang, Class Advisor Dacheng Liu, faculty members Jian Yao, Hongxuan Huang, Fang He, Wenjun Liu and Ting Shu from Students Affairs Office, Yan Li from International Students Office, and all students to graduate this year, attended the ceremony. Some students’ relatives and friends also joined this memorable moment. The ceremony was hosted by Pingke Li, Vice Party Secretary of the Department. 

Faculty members, students and parents attending the ceremony

Vice Department Head Simin Huang firstly delivered a speech. He sincerely congratulated students, and then shared his view on the future development of Industrial Engineering. He said, in the near future, AI will be developing very rapidly; it may replace almost 60% of human work. In such a situation, students should pay more attention to their work and family. They need not only to master high level knowledge but also to have the ability to live a better personal life. 

 Prof. Simin Huang delivered a speech

Later, Dacheng Liu delivered a speech named “Facing the future, we should tolerate failures". Prof. Liu said that the future belongs to all the young students. A thousand miles journey is started by taking the first step. The life in Tsinghua is exactly the beginning of one’s journey. A dream is the goal that pushes everyone forward and everyone should hold and stick to his or her dreams even though the dreams may not be fully achieved.  


Dacheng Liu delivered a speech

Mentor of class IE13 Meng Guo extended congratulations to all students. Meng Guo hoped that all students could treasure whatever they learned at Tsinghua, keep individual curiosities and never lose themselves in the complex society. 


Counsellor of IE 2013 Grade Meng Guo delivered a speech

Undergraduate student Huiwen Jia and Rui Dai also delivered speeches on behalf of all undergraduate students. Huiwen Jia recalled memorable moments of the past four years. She said that four years of university study helped students to master excellent ability of professional thinking. Rui Dai all memories about IE people were everyone’s valuable treasure; facing the further, Tsinghua sprit “Actions speak louder than words” will always be their guideline. 

Undergraduate representatives Huiwen Jia, Rui Dai delivered speeches

Yukun Zhao delivered a speech on behalf of PhD graduates. He expressed his gratitude to his advisor Prof. Xiaobo Zhao first, and shared his reflection about the rationality and humanity in the field of behavioral operations research and management. He said that in traditional research, we often assumed that people were completely rational and only considered economic interests and self-interest. However, rationality was more closely related to reality. As a graduate, we should have enough responsibility to criticize history and humanity, and push our society forward in a better direction.

 PhD representative Yukun Zhao delivered a speech

Wencan Jia as the representative of Master of Engineering Management shared her graduation speech. She thanked her advisor and the high level education program offered by Tsinghua University, and shared her achievements as a part-time student.  

 Master representative Wencan Jia delivered a speech

International Student Samuli from Finland gave a speech on behalf of international students. Samuli shared his learning experience at Tsinghua. He said frankly that Tsinghua University is a worldwide first-class university. In these two years he not only learned solid professional knowledge, but also understood Chinese broad and profound history and cultural heritage. No matter where he go, he would never forget the happy times and the enthusiasm of Chinese people. He would like to be a friend of China, a bridge of cultural exchange between China and Finland.  

 International student representative Samuli delivered a speech

In this ceremony, four students who once served as mentors were awarded souvenirs. They were Dan Pan (graduate assistant), Dunxing Wang (secretary of graduate team), Qijia Peng (graduates affairs assistant) and Mengdi Liu(mentor of IE Grade 4). Members from the student affairs system of the Department of Industrial Engineering insisted the spirits of helping, guiding and serving the students. They worked hard to achieve the goal of developing talented students and building pleasant studying environment. Both teachers and students gave a high appraisal to their efforts.

Vice department head Kaibo Wang announced the list of the 2017 graduates. All the graduates stood up to show respects for parents and teachers at the initiative of Prof. Zuojun Shen. 

Prof. Kaibo Wang announced the list of the graduates.

After that, the department head Zuojun Shen gave a speech to the attendees. Firstly he introduced the further steps of all the 2017 graduated students and congratulated them. He said that industrial engineering is one of the most important majors in our nation. Many national improvement strategies need us to make contributions such as Industry 4.0, the Belt and Road, Made in China 2025 and so on. Recent years, we cooperated with many key companies in related industries to solve industrial engineering problems. We also founded Quality and Reliability Research Institute and Statistical Research Center to support better research in the field of industrial engineering. 

Prof. Shen mentioned that after graduation many students would face a problem which is how to optimize their life. This is also a global optimization problem of dynamically, randomly and multiple functions. Maybe some graduates could find a locally optimal solution. But one should not addict with the temporary success and start to enjoy as a winner. We must keep developing global optimization solution rather than a local onem and we must learn how to balance personal and social optimization so that we can develop both. Prof. Shen pointed out that the ability of team work and mindset of being kind are key points in one’s future life. Al last, Prof. Shen gave his best wishes to everyone. 


Department head Zuojun Shen delivered a speech

Professors Zuojun Shen, Zhizhong Li, Simin Huang, Kaibo Wang and Ye Cheng awarded souvenirs to all graduates. The 2017 commencement ceremony of Department of Industrial Engineering closed in the old school song of Tsinghua University. 

 (Reporter: Weixin Liu, Photo: Zhanshuo Wang)

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