2017 IE Department Received Record-High Funded Projects from National Natural Science Foundation of China 2017.08.18

Eleven faculty members of the IE Department successfully received funding support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Details of the funded projects are listed below:


Project Title

Project Type

Yanfu Li

High availability of high-speed   railway high

Key Project

Dong Li

Network analysis of high-dimensional time   series

General Project

Lijian Yang

Statistical analysis of complex time series and functional   data

General Project

Ke Deng

Statistical models and methods for big medical text   data

General Project

Wei Zhang

Research on the characteristic and mechanism of drivers’ shift inattention during autonomous driving

General Project

Ruifeng Yu

Research on the effect of group work on individual   behavior performance

General Project

Zhihai Zhang

Research on data driven closed-loop supply   chains planning and operational decisions with uncertain quality and quantity of recycled products

General Project

Wanshan Zhu

Demand forecasting and inventory management   of service parts based on leading economic indicators

General Project

Lei Zhao

Optimization and learning of logistics distribution in large cities under omni-channel   retailing environment

General Project

Hanzhong Liu

Theories and applications of high dimensional variable selection   method in Neyman-Rubin causal inference model

Youth Fund

Qiang Wang

Intelligent and lean engine in industry 4.0:   Models and methods

Youth Fund

 Congratulations to the above faculty members!

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August 18, 2017

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