The Department welcomes the 2017 new graduate students 2017.09.06

On August 29, professors, counselors, and volunteers of our department welcomed the 2017 new graduate students in Room 510, Shunde Building. Prof. Zhizhong Li, Department Council Chair, Prof. Kaibo Wang, Vice Head of Education, and Assoc. Prof. Liang Ma, Vice Chair of the Department Council, sent greetings to the new students and all welcome staffs. This year, a total of 114 full-time graduate students entered our department, including 54 mainland students, 7 students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 53 international students.


Freshmen at registering desks

Prof. Zhizhong Li visited the registering site

On the afternoon of August 31, we organized the 2017 graduate students opening ceremony in Room 3200, The 3rd Teaching Building. Prof. Zuojun Shen, Honorary Department Head, Prof. Zhizhong Li, Prof. Kaibo Wang, Assoc. Prof. Liang Ma, Assoc. Prof. Hai Jiang, Director of the International Student Affairs Office, Wenjun Liu & Ting Shu, Students Affairs Office staff and Yan Li, International Student Affairs Office staff, attended the ceremony, which was chaired by Assoc. Fang He, the director of the Graduate Student Advising Team.


Opening ceremony


Prof. Zuojun Shen introducing the department

Prof. Zuojun Shen welcomed the arrival of the new students on behalf of the faculty. He introduced the Department of Industrial Engineering in English, including the history , the current composition of the faculty, education programs, sources of students, research and publications, international cooperation, and so on. Prof. Shen emphasized the concept of education in the department, and student employment. At the end of his speech, Prof. Shen expressed his four hopes for the graduate students: Discover your potentials, Manage your time, Be prepared for challenges, Always bear hopes and dreams. Prof. Shen’s humorous language received applause from students.

Finally, the international students ideas asked questions of their interests. Prof. Shen and Wang answered their questions patiently.

 (Correspondent: Shuyuan Zhu)

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