IE students’ works appeared in "Challenge Cup" Branch exhibition 2013.05.13

From April 26th to 29th, 2013, the 31st "Tsinghua Challenge  Cup" Exhibition was held in the South Square of the swimming pool.

In the exhibition, many teachers and students spoke highly of the  exhibition works of the Department of Industrial Engineering. After the  exhibition opened in the morning of 28th, Tsinghua President Chen Jining came  to exhibition. He went straight to our exhibition area, listening to  introduction of students from the Department of Science. He stopped in front of  the "Shaking Bus" and the campus real-time bus display screen, asked technical  details of the project; President Chen also showed great interest in the bus  query software using his mobile phone. Then, Peng Qijia, the author of First  prize works "i Travel Tsinghua", presented his work to Chen Jining.  When Mr. Chen knew it was the first campus tour application, and was developed  independently by the students, he was very happy and expressed his praise  without hesitation. During the visit, President Chen spoke highly of the  exhibition results of the Industrial Engineering Department, and confirmed the  useful exploration of innovation teaching, experimental practice teaching and challenge  teaching in recent years. He hoped that students would make full use of  resources provided by the university, and turn their own ideas into practical  results through hands-on practice. Besides, Tsinghua University Council Vice  Chairperson Shi Zongkai also came to our exhibition area, and talked to our  students, and encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts to create more  excellent works.

  (The author of "i Travel  Tsinghua " Peng Qijia showed his work to President Chen Jining)

 (The University Council Vice Chairperson Shi Zongkai visited the  Department of Industrial Engineering exhibition area)

In the exhibition, the  Department of Industrial Engineering exhibited a total of 10 works, including a  school SRT first prize work, a first prize work of "Challenge Cup", and 3 third  prize works as well as 3 four course design works.

Among them, "Shaking Bus"  - Offline Bus Inquiry System" and "Tsinghua Campus Bus Real-time  Query System" (, the first prize works of SRT, were very  popular with audiences. The two works were developed by iOptimize research  group which was led by associate professor Jiang Hai. Especially, "Shaking  Bus" was the only mobile phone application available in app store to  perform "location to the location" offline query about bus and subway  transfer. After the input of destination, users could get the bus and subway  transfer just by shaking their phone. What"s more, the campus bus real-time  query system developed by the research team was the first real-time bus  positioning application. It helped users accurately understand campus bus  real-time location and driving direction through satellite positioning,  providing great convenience for school travel.

  ("Shaking Bus" off-line bus query  application. Source:

Besides, "i Travel  Tsinghua-personalized Tsinghua campus tour recommended mobile  applications", the first prize work of "Challenge Cup", attracted a  lot of viewers. Compared to the characteristics of general tour guide application,  such as personalized navigation, the lack of scenic area applications and  unable to achieve online functionalities, "i Travel Tsinghua" was very  fast and convenient, and was also more caring for individual needs of tourists.  In detail, it offered a variety of personalized features such as self-selection  points, increased space or time constraints, self-selected travel paths meeting  the requirements, and ratings of attractions. In addition, the combination of two-dimensional  code technology and web page introduction as well as scoring system, enabled  the synchronization of the tour and the network explanation, which made it easy  for visitors to score and thus provided a reference for other visitors.

 ("i Travel Tsinghua - personalized Tsinghua campus tour app")

Furthermore, "Pet  Companion", "Green Humidifier" and "Challenge Cup" entries  "Spare Parts for Intermittent Demand Forecasting Method and Inventory  Strategy Research", "WebGIS-based Distribution Dispatching System",  "Family Health management system Based on Portable Medical Electronic  Equipment", "The Head of E Family- Home Appliances Energy  Calculator" and "Interactive Social Networking Shopping  Platform" were displayed through video, panels or physically at the  exhibition. Thanks to the introduction and guidance by the Department of  Science and Technology students, the ingenious ideas and excellent practicality  of the works were widely acknowledged. Excitingly, many business executives  left their contacts, hoping to get in touch with some of the authors through  the Department of Science and Technology.

 (Department of Science and Technology staff were  introducing the exhibits to the audience)

(Part of  the exhibition staff photos)

This exhibition was organized by Industrial Engineering Department  AST. All students worked hard to guarantee a high-quality exhibition. With the  aim of "Advocate science, pursue truth, innovate, meet challenges, serve  and contribute", AST would continue to better the service for our student  extracurricular scientific and technological innovation activities.

(Part of the exhibition  staff photos)

 List of winning works of Industrial  Engineering Department in Tsinghua University 31st "Challenge Cup"
 First  prize:
 "i Travel Tsinghua - personalized Tsinghua  University campus tour route recommended mobile applications"
 Author:  Peng Qijia, Yang Huiqiao, Gao Pengfei, Jia Yuzhou, Xu Chi
 Instructor:  Gao Qin
 Third  prize:
 "Scheduling System Based on WebGIS"
 Author:  Xu Chi, Chen Le, Zhang Zheshen
 Instructor:  Zhao Lei
 " Forecasting Approach of Spare Parts for  Intermittent demand and Inventory Strategy Research"
 Author:  Sun Jiankun, Ning Wenxin, Wang Yizhi, Song Yujun, Wang Zhe
 Instructor:  Zhu Wanshan
 "Family Health Management System Based on  Portable Medical Electronic Devices "
 Author:  Ma Yin Tai, Jin Di, Li Wenhao, Chen Yi Wen, Shi Xinwei
Excellent  instructor: Gao Qin

Text:  Wu Tuo
 Image:  Liu Jiayuan
 Review:  Liu Zhe
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