Undergraduate Activities

l Social practice and investigation

The social practice activities play a very important role among the department student activities. Every summer vacation or winter vacation, almost all the freshmen and a lot of senior students build up groups and go out to conduct practice activities, adding up to around 100 students each time.

During the last several vacations, students went to everywhere in the world, domestically and internationally, to conduct their social practice for a duration of 5 to 10 days. The destinations include Yunnan, Gansu, Guangxi province in China and Thailand, Indonesia overseas. Each group focused on a specific topic of interest, from culture, policy, society, industrial engineering, to public services. These practice activities broaden students’ horizon, improve students’ understanding of the society and train the organization ability of the students. The practice activities of the department have won many school awards and have made profound social impacts.

l We IE-SNS platform

We-IE is the official WeChat (an SNS software) public platform of undergraduate students in the department of Industrial Engineering (IE). It is a platform to distribute service and technology information as well as to promote student activity. The audience of We-IE include undergraduate students, faculty of IE, students of other departments, and students’ parents.

The posts are drafted by the student unions and are edited and reviewed by the editorial team of We-IE. Though the team usually consists of 3-5 students, they are responsible for a platform where the peak audience can reach 1000 per post, adding up to a total of more than 16,000 reads, covering more than 10,000 readers. The aim of We-IE is to serve the students and to concern about the students’ development. It indeed serves a broad audience and it is also a great platform to train the students’ ability of media prompting and communication.

l Student Festival

Student Festival is not only a carnival for IE, but also a stage for IE students to show themselves. The total length of the student festival is about 3.5 hours, and the festival includes more than 10 excellent programs, which are completely planned and arranged by students. The Festival also summarizes the outstanding people and achievements of the department in the past year.

The forms of program include short play, performance, video program, etc. The number of performers reaches more than 60% of the total undergraduate students, approximately 200 students excluding the organizer group, which involves the group coordination among 7-10 student groups. The whole night was excellent and had a great impact among all the other departments at Tsinghua. It improves the artistic atmosphere of the department, publicizes the effect of the department. In addition, it is a practice filed for the students to organize and execute a complex system, applying the industrial engineering’s principles and techniques.

l IE International Sports Teams

IE Sports team covers 9 different sports events, covering main sports that a university can hold. Almost all the undergraduates and lots of graduates join at least one of the sports team. Students in the department have had great performance in Ma Yuehan Cup, which is a year-long competition consisting of almost all sports events inside Tsinghua University.

Every sports team has its regular training sessions and professional instructions, providing a chance for students to have fun and build up the health. The most exciting part is that the sports team is always a place to trigger international communications. As an international department, we also build international sports teams. Almost every sports team has students from both China and foreign countries. Students in the sports team gain sports spirits and build friendship with students from various countries.

l Science and technology innovation competition

THU Challenge Cup is the ultimate science and technology innovation competition in Tsinghua University. Students can choose to focus on a research problem and work in group to solve it, or to design and make the prototype of a new product which is helpful in some cases. IE Comprehensive Skills Challenge is a competition for undergraduates in Department of Industrial Engineering. The Skills Challenge will focus on several topics related to the application of Industrial Engineering knowledge. For example, the topics in 2017 are operation design for shared bikes, intelligent data acquisition, and intelligent multiple-machine cooperation. Students participate in both competitions in group, find a project on a given or self-selected topic, and use what they learnt in courses to apply to the project.

Every year, about 35 students participate in these science competitions. These competitions provide the students a platform to use the knowledge and skills learnt in class comprehensively, and to experience the whole process of a scientific research project. An association of 10 to 15 undergraduates, named the Student Association of Science and Technology, will be in charge of arranging the above competitions and serving the participated students. The science and technology atmosphere will be triggered, and various abilities of the organizers will also be well-trained.

l Freshman orientation program

Freshman orientation program, a one-year program conducted every year, is focused on helping freshman to solve their problem and puzzlement corresponding to course learning, college life planning, and major cognition. Every year about 15 professors participate in this program and every freshman (around 60 in total) has a chance to choose a professor as his or her mentor. Each professor will guide at most 4 freshmen to ensure the effectiveness of communication.

l IE Star plan

This plan aims at selecting a group of freshman and sophomore who are interested in academic research or public administration (or service) and providing them more chances to improve their academic skills and leadership. Candidates need to set up and finish a project in summer vacation and the selection is based on their performance in this project.

The IE Star plan was launched in May, 2018. In this year, 13 students passed the selection and now they are guided by their mentor to continue their academic projects and leadership programs.

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