Dr. Kalyan Singhal:Manufacturing for the 21st Century,2022年11月24日9:00—10:00,荷塘雨课堂邀请码:W141WB,腾讯会议ID:582 382 346 2022.11.21



【主题】Manufacturing for the 21st Century

【主讲人】Prof. Kalyan Singhal

【主持人】Prof. Tianhu Deng(邓天虎)


【参加方式一】荷塘雨课堂Lotus Pond·RainClassroom(清华师生),邀请码:W141WB

【参加方式二】腾讯会议Tencent Meeting,会议ID:582 382 346

【讲座介绍】In this note, I bring together several old and new ideas to outline a vision for manufacturing in the globalized economy. We use examples from the auto industry to cover several topics and illustrate various concepts: New business metrics; research & development: developing benchmark models; testing, defects, and recalls: do not sell a car until it is fully road tested; reliability and durability; a new business model based on leasing and refurbishing cars: pursuing sustainability for profit; sustainability: first-mover advantage, keeping options open in the lab, and easy disassembly; community participation and sources of ideas for innovation; workers; suppliers; world-class dealerships and online marketing; and the Toyota crisis: its genesis, its impact on Toyota, its lessons, and opportunities for others.

【主讲人介绍】Dr. Kalyan Singhal is McCurdy Professor of Economics and Management at the Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore. He is a 1967 mechanical engineering graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Dr. Singhal founded the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) in 1989. He also founded the journal Production and Operations Management (POM) in 1992, and he has been serving as its editor-in-chief since then. He is the longest-serving editor of a leading journal in management and business among the 20 journals on the Business-Week list and 50 journals on the Financial-Times list. He is also the founder, publisher, and coeditor-in-chief of the Management and Business Review (MBR).

Dr. Singhal has published in several leading journals, and he is a Fellow of INFORMS and POMS.

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