Seminar of Prof. Bianca Maria Colosimo,2022年11月3日21:00—22:00,腾讯会议ID:514 762 827 2022.10.27



【主题】Big Data Mining for Industry 4.0: the New Pathway for the Digital and Green ‘Twin’ Transition

【主讲人】Prof.Bianca Maria Colosimo

【主持人】Prof.Kaibo Wang(王凯波), Prof.Chen Zhang(张晨)


【参加方式】腾讯会议Tencent Meeting,会议ID:514 762 827

【讲座介绍】Fostered by Industry 4.0, complex and massive data sets are currently available in many industrial settings and manufacturing is facing a new renaissance, due to the widespread of emerging process technologies (e.g., additive manufacturing, micro-manufacturing) combined to a paradigm shift in sensing and computing.

On the one hand, the product quality is characterized by free-form complex shapes, measured via non-contact sensors and resulting in large unstructured 3D point clouds. On the other hand, in-situ and in-line data are available as multi-stream signals, image and video-images.

In this framework, traditional approaches for intelligent data analysis (i.e., statistical data modeling, monitoring and control) need to be revised considering functional data monitoring, manifold learning, spatio-temporal modelling, multi-fidelity data analysis, data reduction. Starting from real industrial settings, opportunities and challenges of the green and digital ‘twin’ transition are discussed to highlight some possible directions of future research.

【主讲人介绍】Dr. Bianca Maria Colosimo is Full Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Politecnico di Milano, where she is Deputy-Head of the Department. Politecnico di Milano is the first Engineering school in Italy, ranked among the top 20 universities worldwide in Engineering and Technology (QS world Ranking- 2021).

Dr. Bianca Maria Colosimo received her MSc and PhD in Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. After her PhD, she spent a visiting period as PostPhD at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU).

Her research interest is mainly in the area of advanced manufacturing with special attention to industrial data modeling, monitoring and control. On these topics, she is author of 130+ peer-reviewed contributions, most of them published in peer-reviewed international journals and books.

Since 2021, Dr. Bianca Maria Colosimo is Editor of Progress in Additive Manufacturing, Senior Editor of the Informs Journal of Data Science and Department Editor of IISE Transactions.

Since 2020, she is also member of the Editorial Board of Additive Manufacturing Letters

Dr. Bianca Maria Colosimo is member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Quality Technology, where she served as Editor-in-Chief from 2019 to 2021.

She is co-leading the research laboratory AddMe Lab (link), one of the leading lab on Additive Manufacturing in Europe, equipped with all the relevant technologies for metal additive manufacturing.  She has recently funded a new laboratory named 3D Cell for 3D bioprinting of living tissues.

Dr. Bianca Maria Colosimo is member of the QSR Advisory Board at INFORMS and of the Council member of ENBIS (European Network of Business and Industrial Statistics).

She is also member of the Implementation Support Group of the platform Manufuture of the European Commission and of the Steering Committee of the EU Vanguard initiative on 3D printing. She is also member of the Board of Directors of EIT manufacturing (CLC south), of the Board of Directors of MADE (competence center on Industry 4.0).

Dr. Bianca Maria Colosimo is included among the top 100 Italian woman scientists in STEM – (

联系电话: 010-62772989

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