Professor Kevin C. Tseng, Taiwan Normal University 曾俊儒教授,台湾师范大学,Medical design: smart medical innovation(医学设计:智慧医疗创新),Room N510, Shunde building,14:00-15:00, November 02nd, 2018, Friday 2018.10.26

[Time] 14:00-15:00, November 02nd, 2018, Friday
[Venue] Room N510, Shunde building
[Speaker] Professor Kevin C. Tseng, Taiwan Normal University 曾俊儒教授,台湾师范大学
[Host] Dr. Pei-Luen Rau
[Title] Medical design: smart medical innovation(医学设计:智慧医疗创新)
[Abstract] The patients and medical professionals are confined to the same service structures by engineering thinking in healthcare, whether they are dealing with chronic disease or have faced an undiagnosed issue. Many useful patient data and medical resources are remained disparate and inconsistent, which make even difficulties to provide a good quality of patient-centered healthcare and have a breakthrough medical innovation. Prof Kevin C. Tseng `s design research team aims to bring together a variety of state-of-the-art technologies, theory, and applications relating to smart products and services in healthcare by interdisciplinary research. He will introduce his previous research outcomes in this speech, such as: Privacy issues of smart products or services in healthcare, Strategies for managing smart products and services in healthcare, Ergonomic issues of smart products and services in healthcare, Virtual and augmented reality in healthcare, and etc. (患者和专业的医护人员在处理慢性疾病或者未确诊的疾病时,仍会受工程思维影响而受限于同一类服务结构内。这造成众多有用的患者数据和医疗资源依然存在差异和不一致,进而影响以患者为中心的良好医疗质量,甚至影响医疗创新的实现。曾教授设计研究团队旨在通过跨学科研究,结合各类最先进技术、理论,开展医疗保健的智能产品与服务应用研究。曾教授此次演讲将会介绍智慧医疗产品或服务的隐私问题、智慧医疗产品和服务的管理策略、智慧医疗产品与服务的人因学问题、虚拟现实与增强现实在医疗保健的应用等过往研究成果。)
[Bio Note] Professor Kevin C. Tseng received the PhD degree in product design and development from De Montfort University, UK in 2005. He is currently the president of the Medical Design Association at Taiwan, the professor of design at Taiwan Normal University, the research fellow of Biomedical Electronics Translational Research Centre at Chiao Tung University, and the founding director of the product design and development laboratory (PDD Lab). Research areas including: medical design, health care and promotion research, collaborative product development, and human-computer interaction. He has secured 80 research projects, such as: Advantech Co., Ltd., Artso International Inc., Hitachi Taiwan Co., Ltd., Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd., ITRI, and etc. He has published 92 research papers in reputed journals and conferences and held ten patents.(曾俊儒教授2005年毕业于英国德蒙特福特大学,获产品设计与开发博士学位。现任台湾医学设计协会会长、台湾师范大学设计学系教授、台湾交通大学生物医学电子翻译研究中心研究员、产品设计开发实验室创始人与负责人(PDD实验室)。主要研究领域:医疗设计、医疗保健和发展研究、协同产品开发、人机交互等。曾教授先后开展80项产学研合作项目,如:Advantech、Artso、日立台湾、雅马哈汽车、ITRI等。先后发表92篇研究论文,专利10项。)

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