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International programs have been initiated since 2001 including the Tsinghua-Aachen joint master program and the Tsinghua-Gatech exchange program. And a two-year, professional-orientated master's program in Management Science and Engineering (Global Manufacturing) was founded in 2009 for students with a special focus on the manufacturing industry in China.


  • + Master's Program in Global Manufacturing and Analytics

The two-year, professionally-oriented master's program in Management Science and Engineering (Global Manufacturing) was founded in 2009 for students with a special focus on the manufacturing industry in China. To date, more than 150 graduates have come from various regions of the world including Europe, North America, Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Program Overview

The two-year, professionally-oriented master's program in Management Science and Engineering (Global Manufacturing) was founded in 2009 for students with a global vision in management science and engineering, with a special focus on China's manufacturing industry.


Program Mission

-To become a world-class international program in the integration of industrial engineering, and the manufacturing and logistics industries in China.

-To lead and update "Made in China" to "Created in China".

-To prepare outstanding international talents ready to work with the Chinese.


Program Highlights

-Career-oriented program with fundamental management science and its practice in Chinese contexts.

-Excellent professors with rich study and research experience in top universities in the world.

-Close collaboration with Chinese students.

-Diverse options on thesis topics (Operations Research & Data Science, System Operation & Digital Management, Human Factors & Human-System Interaction)



-Fundamental know-how on manufacturing and logistics systems in China

-Practical experience by field observation, field study and internships


Curriculum & Master Thesis

Data analytic & Decision Making

-Decision Making

-Quantitative Analysis

Manufacturing and its Management

-Production Management

-Quality Engineering

-Engineering and Technology Management

Supply Chain Management

-Logistics and Supply Chain Management

-International Logistics

Product Design


-Systematic Product Design and Development

China Features

-Chinese Industry Studies: Advanced Manufacturing and Contemporary Service

Master Thesis

Application Qualifications

-Bachelor's degree in engineering, sciences, mathematics, statistics, related business studies, or the equivalent

-Meeting the qualifications of Tsinghua, please refer to:



-Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS): Tuition fee+ Living Expenses

-Tuition Scholarship


Please refer to:


Application Procedures

Step 1. Online Application:

Now——17:00 PM May 1, 2024

Step 2. Application Review & Interview

-Scheduled by department

Step 3. Pre-admission Notice

-Within 1 month after the interview

Step 4. Official Admission Notice

-Around July


Contact Info


Tel: + 86 10 62771010


For more information, please visit:

Tsinghua Graduate Admission:



By December of 2022, 143 students from 39 countries have graduated.

Graduates get jobs in Manufacturing industry, Service industry, IT industry, Government, Education, Self-established enterprises, etc. such as Apple Inc., Swinburne University of Technology, China National Petroleum Corporation, HUAWEI, Electricite De France, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Daimler AG, Amazon, Uber, Bimbo, etc.



Alumni's Voice

"I had a great time during my two years at Tsinghua. The curriculum was diverse and required us to actively participate in various projects. Looking back, the diversity and multiculturality of our group of students was a very good preparation to a career in multinational companies. I keep contact with many alumni from the GM master and many of us remains friends to this day."

Matthieu, from France


"I and my fellow students were able to put in place many of the concepts and theories learned in university. The fact that the content taught in university truly finds its way into real life and companies is really relieving. The industry tour was some kind of exploration of China's scenes and locations showing the unlimited dimensions and growth potential of this country. For me personally it was the opportunity to build personal channels to teachers and professors of Tsinghua University. I truly hope will be a very good basis for deepened contact in personal and business in the years coming."

Paul, from Germany


  • + International Master of Engineering Management (IMEM) Program

IMEM is a 2-year professional master’s degree program. It was based on many years of success of the domestic MEM (Master of Engineering Management) education program, which trained Chinese engineering management talents. IMEM is tailored to meet the demands of global engineering projects in a globalized context and prepares engineers and technical specialists to take leadership roles in global engineering projects. Through a multidisciplinary education integrating engineering, and management with on-site practice and internship, IMEM expands students’ vision, improves their management skills, and integrates their engineering and technical knowledge with global vision and Chinese perspectives.


  • + Tsinghua-Aachen Double Degree Program

The program aims to cultivate engineering leaders with strong innovative scientific research abilities, practical engineering abilities, and international vision through cross-culture communication, course learning, scientific research, and an industrial internship.


  • + Tsinghua- Politecnico di Milano Double Degree Program

The program supports the exchange of students between Politecnico di Milano and Tsinghua University. The aim is, through cooperation to integrate the unique education resource of each university to promote the faculty construction and improve the graduate student quality, thus enabling students to receive Master's degrees from both Italian and Chinese universities.


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