The Department of Industrial Engineering is devoted to solving efficiency, quality, cost and safety problems in industrial and service systems.

The challenges in contemporary society are mostly complicated system problems, such as management of global production networks, establishment of efficient public healthcare systems, construction of traffic and transport systems and their operation networks, and maintaining secured and effective energy supply systems. These challenges involve not only complex technologies, but also strategies and their implementation. In order to deal with these challenges, knowledge and methods in multiple disciplines should be integrated in a creative and comprehensive way. The department is excellent at the comprehensive integration of knowledge of engineering, management and social science and thus always able to provide creative solutions to these problems.

The department has three academic institutes which cover the core research fields of industrial engineering:

(1) Institute of Operations Research and Data Science

(2) Institute of System Operation and Digital Management

(3) Institute of Human Factors and Human-System Interaction

The department has experienced rapid growth on academic research. Till now, the department has received hundreds of grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, National High Technology Research and Development Program (863), New Century Excellent Talents in University program, ministries and local governments, and domestic and international companies. Awards are won from the central or local governments and academic societies for our scientific research achievements. Each year, dozens of high-quality research papers are published in important international journals. Faculty members of the Department are appointed as editorial board members of more than 30 international academic journals.

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