Post Doctorates

Zhang, Yuli

Start Date:2014/11/20
Advisor: Prof. Shen, Zuojun
 Research Interests:Stochastic/robust optimization, Algorithm design and its application in intelligent transportation and smart grid.

Du, Hui

Start Date:2015/06/29
Advisor: Associate Prof. Liu, Dacheng
Research Interests:Informatization of modern integrated manufacturing technology.

Liu, Ying

Start Date:2015/09/17
Advisor: Prof. Wu, Su
Research Interests:Quality management, Innovation management, Efficiency and productivity evaluation.

Jiang Caihong

Start Date:2015/09/18
Advisor: Prof. Rau, Pei-Luen Patrick
Research Interests:Stress and cognitive, Stress and driving, Event related potential.

Tan, Wenzhe

Start Date:2015/12/15
Advisor: Prof. Shen, Zuojun
Research Interests:Intelligent logistics system based on mobile robot.

Ma, Jing

Start Date:2016/01/21
Advisor: Prof. Zheng, Li
Research Interests:Lean intelligent production, Enterprise informatization, Manufacturing execution system ,System modeling and analysis.

Xu, Chongyuan

Start Date:2016/04/22
Advisor: Associate Prof. Deng, Ke
Research Interests:Text mining, Statistical modeling, Large data analysis for stock market, Continuous-Time Markov process

Pan, Dan

Start Date:2016/11/07
Advisor: Prof. Li, Zhizhong
Research Interests:Personality characteristics, Human-computer interaction ,etc.

Yang, Huasheng

Start Date:2016/12/09
Advisor: Prof. Zheng, Li
Research Interests:Supply chain design and analysis, Industry big data analysis and application, RMES.

Wang, Qiang

Start Date:2017/01/11
Advisor: Prof. Zheng, Li
Research Interests:Intelligent manufacturing, Manufacturing execution system, Enterprise Informatization

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