Institute of Human Factors and Human-System Interaction

The Institute of Human Factors and Human-System Interaction (IHF) in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Tsinghua University endeavors persistently to examine the interactions between humans, products, and socio-technological systems, with the aim to boost system performance, improve user experience, ensure safety and health, and ultimately promote people's well-being. With a human-centered approach, IHF takes into account physical, psychological, and social factors, and promote incorporation of these factors into the design and evaluation of products, work, environment, and systems (including smart products and systems) by providing theories, principles, methods, and tools to practitioners across various domains.

The main research areas include:

 - Human modeling and cognitive engineering

 - Anthropometry

 - Cognitive modeling, simulation, and prediction

 - Biomechanics

 - Visual perception and visual search

 - Decision, cognitive workload, and situation awareness

 - Distributed cognition and team cognition

 - Human-Computer Interaction

 - User-centered design

 - Human-AI interaction

 - Usability and user experience

 - Social media and online user behaviors

 - Human-computer interface in complex digital systems

 - Novel interaction paradigms

 - Universal design

 - Ergonomic product design

 - Ergonomic design of products and workplace

 - Human factors and ergonomics in service industries

 - Safety and health

 - Human factors and human errors in complex systems

 - Driving and road safety

 - Occupational health and safety

In 2008, the research team of IHF received the President's Medal awarded by the Ergonomics Society of UK for the excellency in HF/E research. Now IHF has developed a strong research team, including 4 professors, 3 associate professors, and about 30 PhD students and 20 master students. The secretariat office of the Chinese Ergonomics Society (CES, the current 2th largest ergonomics societies in IEA) was transferred to the IHF in Dec. 2012 after Prof. Wei ZHANG elected as president. Together with CES, the IHF Institute has played an important role in facilitating the exchange of information between Chinese and international HF/E societies.

Faculty Members

Rau, Pei-Luen is a Full Professor in the Institute. He earned his PhD in engineering at Purdue University. He has founded and directed Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Usability research center at Tsinghua University. He is the associate editor of the International Journal of Safety Science and Universal Access in the Information Society. He is the editorial board of International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction and Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science. He was the chair of China board and program board in HCI International 2007 in Beijing.

Research areas: Human Factors Engineering, Human-computer interaction, Cross-cultural design, Design for Elderly, Web Usability, Mobile Interaction, Game Study, Human-Robot Interaction, and Customer Experience Management. 


Li, Zhizhong is a Full Professor in the Institute. He earned his PhD in engineering at Tsinghua University. Dr. Li has been serving or served as an Editorial/advisory Board Member for the Scientific Reports (2017.9-present), International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction (2016.1-present), International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics (2006.1-2010.5, 2011.1-present), Human factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries (2009.1-present), and Applied Ergonomics (2007.5-2010.3). He also served as a Regional Chinese Submission Editor for the international journal of Reliability Engineering & System Safety during 2004-2007. Dr. Li is an academic member of National Standardization Technology Committee on Ergonomics (TC7), Reliability Committee Member of Chinese Operations Research Society, Vice Chairman of Human Factors in Complex Systems Chapter of Chinese Ergonomics Society, Vice Chairman of Neuromanagement and Neuroengineering Chapter of Management Science and Engineering Society of China, and Senior Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Research areas: Human-machine teaming, interaction with intelligent systems, interface design, human error, human factors evaluation, system safety, and other human factors issues associated with complex industrial systems.


Zhang, Wei is a Full Professor in the Institute. He earned his PhD in engineering at Tsinghua University. He is editorial member of the International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries, Universal Access in the Information Society, International Journal on Injury Control and Safety Promotion and International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing. He is Deputy committee member of Chinese Ergonomics Society, Vice chair of Organization Ergonomics Technical Group and Committee member of Virtual Reality Technical Group of China Graphics and Images Society. In 2008, Dr. Zhang was selected into the "Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University" of Department of Education, China.

Research areas: Driving safety, Human-system simulation, Virtual Reality and its applications.


Yu, Ruifeng is an Associate Professor in the Institute. He earned his PhD in management at Tsinghua University. He is Executive member of Chinese Ergonomics Society. He was member of Scientific Advisory Board in International Conference AHFE2010.

Research areas: Ergonomics, Consumer behavior, Consumer satisfaction, Promotion, and Logistics and supply chain management.


Gao, Qin is an Associate Professor in the Institute. She earned her PhD in engineering at Tsinghua University. She is editorial board of International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction and secretary of China Chapter-Tsinghua of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

Research areas: Human-Computer Interaction, User Interaction in Ubiquitous Computing, Social computing, IT Product Design and Usability Engineering.


Ma, Liang is an Associate Professor in Institute of Human Factor and Ergonomics. He earned his PhD in mechanical engineering at Ecole Centrale De Nantes, France.

Research areas: Human computer interaction, Virtual reality, Biomechanics, Digital human modeling.

Research Projects:

National Natural Science Foundation of China

  Human-machine function allocation and interface design for improving safety of complex systems (Major Project)
  Behavior, Complexity, and Error of Human-Machine Interaction in Digital Industrial Systems (Key Project)
  Study of Interaction Performance Framework of Mobile Communications Devices
  Ergonomics Study of Computerized Emergency Operation Procedures
  Cooperation Mechanisms and Implementation Methods of Supply Chain
  Statistic Analysis of Three-Dimensional Anthropometric Data for Fitting Design for Population
  Cross-Cultural Research on Human-Robot Interaction
  Testing and Analysis of Driver's Hazard Perception and Evaluation of Simulation Interventions
  Fundamental Study on Collaborated Design and Rapid Manufacturing Technology 

National "863" Program

  Large Screen Multi-user Interaction Technology and Prototype Development

The European Commission, 7th Framework Programme

  Open Architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardization

P&G, Japan

  Computer Modeling for the Behaviors of Aged People 
  Computer Aided 3D Face Imaging Data Processing

EADS, France

  Fatigue in the Simulation Task Research 
  Cross-Cultural Design of Digital Maintenance Document 
  Physical Fatigue Evaluation in Aircraft Assembly Task 
  Population Model for Virtual Humans

Tsinghua-Liberty Mutual (USA) Joint Projects

  Balance Control on Flexible Wooden Boards on a Simulated Scaffold by Chinese Construction Workers Hired from Farms 
  Driving Safety Research, the Behavior, Attitude and Intervention 
  Three Dimensional Anthropometric Measurement and Geometrical Modeling of the Hands of Chinese Females 
  Physiological and Perceptual Responses in Chinese Construction Workers in Combined Materials Handling Tasks 
  Physiological and Psychophysical Responses in Handling Maximum Acceptable Weights under Different Footwear-Floor   Slipperiness Conditions 
  The Traffic Sign Design of China 
  Cross-Cultural Effects on Warning Traffic Signs Design and Awareness of Danger: China vs. US

China Railway Container Transport

  Research on Container Management Mode 
  Research on Management System of Performance Evaluation in Workshop 
  Evaluation and Improvement of Service Quality for Railway Station

Nokia China

  Requirement Model of Mobile Services for Young People 
  Research on Readability of Chinese Characters 
  Information Security, Screen Magnifier, Acceptance of Rural User, Mobile Performance Modeling 

Other Cooperative Projects

Information Product Design

  NTT:Design Guidelines Framework of Protal User Interface for Old Users 
  Midea: Human-Machine Interaction Study of Home Appliances 
  Samsung: Usability Testing of Digital TV

Cross-Cultural Research

  SAP: Cultural Difference and its Effect on User Interface Design 
  IBM : Cultural Difference and its Effect on Work Flow Software Design

Safety and Simulation

  MHI: Digital Operation Evaluation Based on Motion Tracking and Simulation 
  Nissan: Vehicle Safety Device Usefulness Research Aim at Chinese Typical Car-Death Accident 
  Tsinghua University: Emergency Escape Activities in Vital Accident based on Virtual Reality 

Service Design

  Asia Research Center of Tsinghua University: Design and Research System of Customer Service Experience and the Quality Evaluation of Fast-Food Chain
  Beijing Subways: Evaluation and Analysis of Passenger Satisfaction

Guidelines and Standards

  Research on Human Factors Design Guidelines and Related Standards 
  CNIS: Ergonomics Guidelines of Work System Design

International Conferences Ever Organized 
  International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction  
  International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 
  The International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 
  International Conference on Quality and Reliability 
  International Conference on Human Factors and Computer System  

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