Undergraduate Program


The Department began with an Industrial Engineering masters program in 1993, and then added an undergraduate program in 1997. In October, 2001, the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIE) was established with over twenty faculty members. The first department head is Dr. Gavriel Salvendy, a professor in the School of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, USA, and a Human Factors expert elected to America‘s National Academy of Engineering.

   Professor G. Salvendy, Head of DIE (Right), with Professor ZHENG, Li, Executive Head of DIE


Institute of Human Factors and Ergonomics 
Institute of Operations Research and Logistics 
Institute of Production Engineering 
Tsinghua-UNC Center for Logistics and Economic Development

Faculty and Students 

There are around 30 faculty and staff members, including six full professors, 11 associate professors and eight assistant professors. The Department has more than 250 undergraduate students, 200 graduate students, and about 50 foreign students.

German and Chinese Students from Tsinghua - Aachen Joint Masters Program Are Doing a Production Experiment in the Logistics Laboratory

Undergraduate Students Doing Productive Practice at FOXCONN Technology Group

Degree Programs

Courses are designed to provide a uniquely balanced coverage of technology and management for those who have the ambition to become leaders in the manufacturing and service industries.

Undergraduate and Masters Program

Management Science and Engineering, including two directions: 
 -Industrial and System Engineering 
 -Logistics Engineering and Management

Professional (Master of Engineering and Master of Engineering Management) Program 

The Professional Program is a part-time program. They are designed for engineers with at least two years working experience in Industries. The program takes 2-5 years.

International Masters Program: Global Manufacturing

The international masters program is designed especially for foreign students interested in China who can not speak Chinese. All the courses are taught in English. Students have to take at least 8 courses and do a master’s thesis.

Ph.D. Program 

Management Science and Engineering, including four directions: 
 -Human Factors and Ergonomics 
 -Production Engineering 
 -Logistics Engineering and Management 
 -Operations Research


The Department is very active in research activities. There are seven research groups: Operations Research, Logistics, Production Engineering, Ergonomics and Human Factors, Enterprise Integration and Information Systems, Statistics and Quality, and Service Science and Engineering. The Department is funded by the National Science Foundation of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology. In addition, the Department has built strong relationships with such corporate sponsors as Caterpillar, Liberty Mutual, Ministry of Railway and Intel.

 Laboratory of Logistics

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