Administration Team

Head: Prof. Jingshan Li

Council Chair: Assoc. Prof. Lefei Li

Associate Head: Assoc. Prof. Chen Wang (Education)

Associate Head: Assoc. Prof. Fang He (Research)

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is responsible for the undergraduate and graduate education. It is also responsible for promoting and hiring faculty.

Committee members: Prof. Jingshan Li (Chair)Prof. Xiaobo Zhao, Prof. Pei-luen Patrick Rau, Prof. Zhizhong Li, Prof. Wei Zhang, Prof. Simin Huang, Prof. Kaibo Wang, Prof. Yan-fu Li.

Degree Committee Members

The department representatives take part in the Degree Committee of the School of Mechanical Engineering. The objective of this committee is to ensure that all procedures are followed for awarding Master and PhD Degrees.

Our representatives: Prof. Xiaobo Zhao & Pei-luen Patrick Rau

Student Advisory Board

The role of this board is similar to that of Dean of Students.

Director: Assoc. Prof. Fang He

Departmental Organization Chart

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