Objectives of the extracurricular activities

From the viewpoint of the department and Tsinghua University, extracurricular activities for our students are regarded as a supplement to the educational program and as an effective approach to cultivation of students from different perspectives.

At first, those students who participate in the extracurricular activities could contribute themselves to public well-being and to society during the organization of these activities. Meanwhile, the participants could foster their personal qualities like social responsibility, collectivism, life-long learning, and professional ethics. Besides, collaborating with students from various countries may be an assistant to train students to be comprehensive talents with world vision and to train their international communication skills.

Through these activities, several competences that are relatively difficult to be trained in class could be strengthened to prepare our students for their further career such as teamwork, communication skills, leadership and innovative thinking, improving the quality of our educational programs.

Organization Structure for Student Activities

In terms of organization, the student activities are organized or co-organized at the department level and at the University level. At the university level, we have the department of undergraduate student affairs and the department of post-graduate student affairs. Correspondingly, we have the office of the student affairs and the workgroups for undergraduate student and post-graduate student affairs in our department. All of them organize the activities and provide support for students.

The major principles for organizing the students’ extracurricular activities are: 1) we encourage self-motived students’ activities, and the department provides possible support for our students; 2) students would be able to receive tailored training or support according to their willingness and performance in either academic activities or in social ones; 3) it is encouraged to apply the methods and tools from Industrial Engineering in these activities; 4) effective communication and frequent interaction are encouraged and promoted between students and our faculty.

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