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Hai Jiang, Associate Professor


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Dr. Jiang is an associate professor (with tenure) and director for the Institute of Operations Research and Statistics in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Tsinghua University. Dr. Jiang's teaching and research interests involve advanced consumer behavior models and system optimization methods, as well as their applications in transportation, e-Commerce, and urban studies. He publishes in premium academic journals such as Operations Research, Transportation Science, Transportation Research Part B, Accident Analysis & Prevention, and Operations Research Letters. His research team partners heavily with online stores, railroads, airlines, navigation service providers, and car manufacturers to help them streamline their operations and improve the efficiency.

Dr. Jiang currently serves as an area editor (in transportation) for the journal of Computers & Industrial Engineering (Impact Factor=2.623). He is the council secretary for the Behavioral OR Chapter of the Chinese OR Society and a council member for the Stochastic Operations Management Chapter of the Chinese OR Society. He also won the Anna Valicek Award for Innovation in Airline Operations Research from AGIFORS (Airline Group of IFORS) in 2006.

Prior to joining Tsinghua University, Dr. Jiang worked at the corporate research group of Sabre Holdings (parent company of at Dallas, TX. Dr. Jiang holds a doctoral degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University.

Research Interests

Modeling, optimization, and simulation of transportation systems

Discrete choice analysis and its applications in transportation, marketing, and e-Commerce

Data analytics and optimization models that empower smart mobility

Educational Background

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Ph.D. in Transportation and Logistics, 2006.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), M.S. in Transportation and Logistics, 2004.

Tsinghua University, B.S. in Civil Engineering 2001

Work Experience

  • January 2019 - present, Associate Professor (with tenure), Tsinghua University

  • October 2009 - December 2018, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

  • August 2006 - September 2009, Senior Operations Research Analyst, Sabre Holdings (Dallas, TX)

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Young Scholar Award, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2016

CIO's Special Award for Exceptional Performance, Sabre Holdings, 2009

Anna Valicek Medal, Airline Group of IFORS (AGIFORS), 2006


The asterik (*) refers to the corresponding author; the dagger () refers to a student author.

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