Logistics and Supply Chain Research Center of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University Founded in Jiaozhou, Qingdao 2017.04.12

Logistics and Supply Chain Research Center of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University was formally founded in Jiaozhou, Qingdao on March 28. Department Head Prof. Zuojun Shen, Vice Head Prof. Simin Huang, Associate Prof. Linning Cai, Associate Prof. Wanshan Zhu of Department of Industrial Engineering, along with representatives from Jiaozhou Municipal Government, associations and enterprises attended the opening ceremony. The Cold Chain Experimental Base, Tsinghua-UNC “startup &innovation” Base in Jiaozhou, Jiaozhou Logistics and Supply Chain Association were founded at the same time.


Taking advantage of the intellectual capital of Tsinghua University and the resources of Jiaozhou, the Supply Research Center will continuously introduce high-tech innovation projects, build a bridge for logistic technology transfer, and become an incubator for logistic technology enterprises, an accelerator of domestic and foreign technological achievements transformation, an innovation research platform of industry driving, a think tank and public service platform for supply chain and logistic economic.

Prof. Zuojun Shen, Head of the Department said that the formal establishment of the Research Center in Jiaozhou marked a new stage of win-win cooperation of industrialization research and technological achievements transformation. Many projects will be driven by industry demands, guided by advanced technology of Internet of things and supported by venture capital fund. 

 Prof. Zuojun Shen, the Head of Department of Industrial Engineering, delivered a speech

A lot of projects of the Research Center, including online education, sorting robot, intelligent equipment, public information platform of freight rates, are conducted gradually with the support of academic broad, Industry committee, expert committee and many domestic and foreign experts. Supported by high-quality educational resources of Tsinghua-UNC EMBA students, industrial funds focus on supporting the second startup groups, assisting enterprises in overcoming technical difficulties, achieving transformation and upgrading. The funds are also used to build practical training lecture room of enterprises and employees, develop RFID technology application and meet the individual needs of enterprises by the omnipresent finance service, in order to strive for creating a domestic first-class “startup &innovation” base and incubator center within three to five years.

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