IE graduate students of 2016 completed registration at Tsinghua 2016.08.31

On August 23rd, 2016, 73 full-time IE graduate students of 2016, including 36 Ph.D. candidates, 19 master students and 17 international students, completed their registration at Tsinghua. The registration work of the department was organized by Student Affairs Office and Academic Affairs Office, with the assistance of the League Committee and Postgraduate Association. The department leaders, Prof. Zhizhong Li, Chairperson of Department Party Council, Prof. Pingke Li, Vice Chairperson of Department Council, Prof. Kaibo Wang, Vice Head of IE Department, and Directors of IE Student Affairs Office, came to the scene to give a warm welcome to the new students. 

The on-site registration, separated for Chinese and international students, included work of confirming the students’ personal information and issuing the admission materials. Special help was offered to the international students, such as opening personal info. accounts and email, which enabled them to make a good first step for their study and life at Tsinghua.   


Staff of Student Affairs Office communicated with international students


Student volunteers guided international students opening accounts

  The Orientation Ceremony of IE Department was held at C202 of the Sixth Teaching Building at 9am on August 26th. The Ceremony was held by Prof. Chen Wang, Director of Student Affairs Office with the attendance of Prof. Zhizhong Li, Prof. Liang Ma, Director of International Student Office, Ms. Caina Gao and Ms. Yan Li of Academic Affairs Office. On the Ceremony, Prof. Li stated the difference between the undergraduate and postgraduate students and introduced how to strengthen self-motivation and self-management in the future study and research work. 

Prof. Zhizhong Li made a speech

Later, Prof. Ma made an introduction of the educational objective and plan of the Global Manufacturing program as well as the outstanding faculty resource of the department. Prof. Wang roughly outlined the history, development and research achievements and future aims of IE Department.  

Prof. Liang Ma made an introduction of Global Manufacturing Program

 Ms. Gao explained in detail academic matters needing attention in their future’s study at Tsinghua, such as how to make personal educational plan and fulfill the academic requirements.   


Ms. Caina Gao made a speech

The ceremony scene

  After the Ceremony, the Ph.D. and master classes respectively held their first class meeting. The new students began to know each other after self-introductions and experience-sharing of some outstanding seniors. The Class Committee was also elected. They all expressed their prospect for their following postgraduate life. Wish them make new achievements at the beautiful Tsinghua campus.   

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