2016 Opening ceremony of Tsinghua-UNC Global Supply Chain Leadership Graduate Program 2016.10.17

On October 13th, 2016, the opening ceremony of Tsinghua-UNC EMBA 2016 class was held in the main building of Tsinghua University. As the first EMBA program to combine "engineering and business", "innovation and entrepreneurship", the theme of this opening ceremony is “to lead the times and win the future collaboratively”. Over the next two years, more than 30 students of Class 2016 will study at Tsinghua University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and will also enter the "global classroom" all over the country and around the world.

  At the opening ceremony, Dean Doug Shackelford of the UNC Kenan-Flagler School of Business, congratulated the new students through a video greeting. He said in his speech, that Department of Industrial Engineering of Tsinghua University and the UNC Kenan-Flagler School of Business will combine their advantages on engineering and business research and bring extraordinary learning experience for the students. He wished that all the students of the Class 2016 have rewarding achievements in the following two years.

Prof. Kaibo Wang, vice head of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University, delivered a speech, in which he particularly clarified the three educational philosophy of Tsinghua University combined with the precise positioning of Department of Industrial Engineering in the EMBA program will benefit the students tremendously in the next 2 years.

 Prof. Kaibo Wang gave a speech

Dr. Noel Greis, professor of the UNC Kenan-Flagler School of Business and director of UNC-Tsinghua University EMBA Program, gave a warm welcome to the new students who joined the EMBA program. In her speech, she recalled the establishment of Tsinghua-UNC EMBA program, and the nearly six years’ preparatory period laid a solid foundation for the development of the project.

 Dr. Noel Greis made a speech


Then, Dr. Linning Cai, associate professor of Department of Industrial and Engineering, Tsinghua University and the director of the Tsinghua-UNC EMBA program made a speech. In his speech, he particularly mentioned the three educational philosophy the program adheres to, that is, cultivate leaders with “global vision, engineer thinking and entrepreneurial spirit”. Under the new business environment, entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurship and innovation needs to be placed in the context of globalization, which requires entrepreneurs to have a global perspective; the engineer thinking requires the consideration of the development of the enterprise based on the perspectives of supply chain; entrepreneurs with responsible attitude can lead the enterprises to a higher level.

Dr. Linning Cai made a speech

Subsequently, Mr. Daorong Xue made a speech on behalf of the 2013 grade of Tsinghua-UNC EMBA Program. Daorong said, “I have taken many courses of EMBA, and I am proud of your choice, since it is a great blessing to study with the Tsinghua-UNC program. I have gained precious friendship with my classmates. We are entitled to a broad platform and a solid bridge to stand on the shoulders of the giant, and take incessant positive energy here.”

2013 student representative Xue Daorong made a speech

Finally, Mr. Min Li made a speech on behalf of the new students of 2016 Tsinghua-UNC EMBA program. He mentioned that he had just completed a cycle of learning and chose to enter the campus again in order to harvest more systematical knowledge of supply chains. With working experience in the state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, as well as self-built business, Min expressed his expectations for learning in the next two years and encouraged the students to cherish learning experience and friendship between classmates, and wished the students can gain a lot for their future business.

New students representative Mr. Min Li made a speech

Mr. Jiaping Wang, a student of grade 2014, moderated the opening ceremony

A group photo of the Grade 2016 students

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