Visiting Shuangqing Villa – the patriotism education for Party branch of IE department 2016.10.25

On the afternoon of 22nd, September, Party branch of staff and students at IE department, 39 members in total, visited Shuangqing villa in Xiangshan mountain, where Chairman Mao had lived and worked.


Party members visited the office, reception room, canteen and bedroom in Shuangqing villa. In this house, Chairman Mao commanded the famous campaign, campaign across Changjiang, and achieved the victory of the war. In addition, he did a lot of important works and wrote several famous poems during this time.


In the exhibition area, party members studied the progress of the birth of New China, and read Chairman Mao’s poems and letters.


This visiting activity was praised by all the participants. It helps party members to know the story of Chairman Mao and the history happened in Shuangxing villa. On the other hand, it also encourages young people to study the patriotic spirit from predecessors.


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