IE Alumni Activities of Tsinghua 104th Anniversary 2015.05.06

At the end of April, 2015, Tsinghua University celebrated its 104th Anniversary. During these days, hundreds of alumni came back and celebrated the festival. From April 25th to April 26th, IE department organized several activities to welcome the alumni of IE department.

10th anniversary of graduation for 2001 undergraduate students

On the afternoon of 26th, more than 20 graduates came back to IE department, WANG Xiaofang lead them to visit the model workshop, Logistical system lab, and Ergonomics lab. After the visiting, Prof. Zhizhong LI hosted the alumni salon in room 510. Firstly, Prof. Li introduced the recently progress of IE department. All the alumni appreciated highly the development of IE department, and hoped that all the alumni could strengthen cooperation and make contribution to our department.

 Visit to Logistical System lab

 Speech of Prof. Zhizhong LI

The theme forum of Entrepreneurship

At 16:00 on the afternoon of 26th, the theme forum of entrepreneurship was held in room 510. Several alumni, represented the entrepreneurs in different areas, shared their experience and feeling in work and provide lots of valuable suggestion for students. Dr. Dinglong Huang encouraged us in collecting information, keeping the consciousness of innovation. Mr. Rui Ding hoped that everyone should make a detailed plan before starting up a business. The vice president of Council, Prof. Linning Cai, attended the forum and hoped that alumni could discover more program and good ideas via IE Alumni Association.


IE Golf Club participated the match

The Golf tournament of 2015 Tsinghua anniversary was held in Beijing Hongfenghu Golf Club on April 23rd. IE team, consisted of 8 alumni, participated this match. Finally, Mr. Zhibing Yu was awarded the “Longest distance” as the first trophy.

IE Golf Team

Activity of Chengdu Branch of Alumni Association

On April 26th, the Chengdu branch of IE Alumni Association organized a party in Jinsha Park in Chengdu to celebrate Tsinghua 104th anniversary. Secretary Wu hosted this party. They talked about their study at Tsinghua, and put forward valuable suggestions. The president Mr. Jin introduced the future plan of Chengdu branch, and hoped that alumni could communicate and collaborate by different activities.


Attendees of the party

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