A Seminar on "Self - exploration of Career Planning" was Held by Department of Industrial Engineering 2013.06.01

Many college students are confused about their future. Therefore, the  Department of Industrial Engineering Innovation Education Project Group and the  "IE gas station" jointly organized the "Career Planning  Self-exploration" seminar. The activity was held at the old conservancy  hall on May 16th from 16:00 to 17:00, and Pro. Rao Peilun was invited to be the  host. For the reason that self-exploration and self-understanding were the  first step in career planning, to overall plan our own life, we should firstly  have a more comprehensive understanding of our own values, personality,  interest and etc., so as to choose our own development path finally.

To begin with, Rao led students to carry out a  preliminary self-exploration and understanding using a "self-awareness  assessment". Then he introduced the theory of a famous psychologist Wu  Jingji- "The Four Great Dreams of Youth", which meant that every  young people had four big dreams----pursuing multi-value, finding mentor,  lifelong learning and career, gaining affection, love and friendship. To  achieve these dreams, we should get a comprehensive understanding of our own  values, interests, and abilities. Subsequently, based on the problems of  self-acceptance and acceptance occurred on Tsinghua students, Rao had a  communication with students on the opinions about self-acceptance , "Everyone is an independent individual with a unique  value", "You are very good and me too, we are just not the same  " and so on.

Besides, Rao utilized activities such as "EQ  Test" and "family tree" to lead students to understand their own  characteristics and capabilities such as self-consciousness, self-restraint,  social awareness and social skills, and realize the family influences on their  own professional values and career choice.

The picture showed  that Rao explained the "The Four Great Dreams of Youth " put forward  by psychologist Wu Jingji to the students

With the example of the growth of Mayday and his own  experience in middle school and the life in the United States, Rao guided the  students to think about their own "expectation to become what kind of  person."

Prof. Rao host the "family tree" activity.

The purpose of the family tree activity was to conduct  students to explore their family's career and how the family's view of the  profession affected their career choices. After sorting out their family's  career, the students then thought about the corresponding problems. During this  process, Rao talked about his family’s career and the influences on his own,  and thus had a sufficient chat with students. Students were also positive to  response, and enthusiastic to share their own ideas.

The seminar lasted for one hour full of substantial  content and colorful activities. Prof. Rao was very humorous and good at  mobilizing the atmosphere of the event, and successfully had full exchange and  interaction with students. The easy speech and activities finally opened the  door of students’ self-exploration, leaving a positive impact on their further  career planning.

After the end of the  event, students expressed a strong interest in the relevant theme, hoping that  similar activities would continue to be hold in the future. As a matter of  fact, employment and career would not exist great difficulties for Tsinghua  students, while choosing what kind of road, how to achieve their unique value,  and how to own a happy life are the most important problems. The Innovation  Education Project Group will organize more seminars on the theme of self-growth  and self-fulfillment, giving students more thought and insight.

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