The 32nd “Chllenge Cup” seminar held in the department 2013.12.12

  On the afternoon of December 8th, the 32nd “Challenge Cup” seminar was held in Room 510. All the seed competition teams, about 50 students in total, participated in the seminar. The Associate of Science and Technology (AST) of the department invited winners of previous “Challenge Cup” competitions to be the panel members. The winners shared their experience for the “Challenge Cup” competition and gave suggestions to each seed team project.

  During the seminar, each team presented their project work, in terms of innovations, predicted results, realization approaches and scheduling. Zhe Liu’s “Medical rehabilitation game application for hands based on Leap Motion” aimed at the elderly population and those with hand injuries. The application could provide real-time feedback for correction, introduced more interactive elements rather than mechanization, and realized the application personalization and autonomation for hand rehabilitation. Yintai Ma’s work on “Driving assistance application based on real-time intelligent video recognition and geographical information system” combined various technologies including image recognition, human factors design, and database.  Jing Ren’s “Smartphone-based human body gesture assessment” added traditional tables and timers into the application for smartphones, and modified the existing recording and gesture assessment methods, with a goal of “free the hands of industrial engineers”. Notably, there were some excellent works in the categories of mechanical engineering and information technology, such as Lu Yang’s “Crosswise campus snow sweeper”.

  After each team’s presentation of their work, the reviewers provided suggestions for improvement.

 (Wrote initially by Tuo Wu; Photographed by Lisha Li)

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