Department of Industrial Engineering Shine at Tsinghua "Challenge Cup" Exhibition talents 2014.05.15

From April 25 to 28, 2014, The 32nd "Tsinghua Challenge  Cup" exhibition was held in South Square of the swimming pool. Throughout  the exhibition, the display area of Department of Industrial Engineering  attracted lots of attentions and received unanimous affirmation and high  assessment from alumni, teachers and students.

In the morning of 27th after the opening ceremony of the  exhibition, deputy party secretary Zongkai Shi visited our exhibition area. He  carefully watched the introductory video of the winning project and asked  authors questions for details. Miss Cheng Yunnuo, one of the team members of  first prize-winning project, introduced her work-SportsAide software to Mr. Shi.  When he knew some of award-winning authors are from the "Spark  Program" and teams of future interest, he encouraged everyone to make full  use of various types of resources provided by the department, and keep the  spirit of innovation in their study and life.

 Deputy  party secretary Zongkai Shi visited the exhibition area of Industrial  Engineering Department

Academician Wang Dazhong, Professor He Meiying and some former  university officers and alumni also visited IE exhibition area. They were very  interested in the work of ""Benetech"- driver-assistance applications  based on traffic image real - time intelligent identification and geographic  information system " and " Leap motion-based hand medical  rehabilitation application development ". They discussed with our students  in enthusiasm and encouraged students to work harder in the future.

Ma Yintai, the author of "Benetech", was displaying their work

 The science and technology staff of the department presenting to alumni

In this exhibition, our department exhibited a total of 6 pieces of  work, including 1 Challenge Cup first prize work, 3 second prize works, 1 third  prize work and 1 previous work of the first prize. During the exhibition, the  school committee deputy secretary, Hao Bing, party secretary Zhizhong Li, Pro.  Kaibo Wang and student group leader Xiaojun Wu, the secretary of the Youth  League Committee Wancheng Feng came to the exhibition and encouraged everyone to  spread innovation within the department.

The IE  exhibition was organized by IE association of science and technology; they  helped all authors throughout planning and exhibition process. The association  of science and technology will continue to uphold the aim of "advocating  science, pursuing genuine knowledge, innovating, meeting challenges and serving  others" to better serve extracurricular scientific and technological innovation  activities

 The school committee deputy secretary Bing Hao and the cast staff made  a photo

 List of winning works of Industrial  Engineering Department in Tsinghua University 32nd "Challenge Cup"

Group  Prize:
 Tsinghua University 32nd "Challenge  Cup" student extracurricular academic and technological works contest  "winning cup"

First  prize:
 "SportsAide - a comprehensive solution  based on mobile applications "
 Author: Cheng Yunnuo, Liu Mengdi, Xie  Yaqing, Shang Zeyuan, Pan Yiming

Second  prize:
 " Benetech"- driver-assistance  applications based on traffic image real - time intelligent identification and  geographic information system"
 Author: Ma Yintai, Wu Tuo, Guo Chen, Huang  Jing, Zhang Xinyu
 " Leap motion-based hand medical  rehabilitation application development "
 Author: Liu Zhe, Wu Peng, Xiao Jiannan,  Zhang Yingzhi
 "Human body posture assessment based on smartphone "
 Author: Ren Jing, Li Lisha

Third  prize:
 " Horizontal belt snow removal machine  "
 Author: Yang Lu, Zhang Xinyu, Song Zhiping,  Chen Sijia, Wang Xinghan

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