Opening Ceremony of Undergraduate Freshmen Held by IE Department 2014.09.01

On the morning of August 28th, the Opening Ceremony for 2014 undergraduate freshmen of IE Department was held at Room 327, Xinshui Building, with the attendance of Prof. Zuojun Max Shen, Head of the Department, Prof. Wei Zhang, Vice Head of the Department, Prof. Kaibo Wang, Vice Chairperson of Department Council, Prof. Chen Wang, the Class Adviser as well as the sixty-one 2014 freshmen. 

At the ceremony, Prof. Max Zuojun Shen made a briefly introduction about the department’s general situation and outstanding achievements in recent years. He pointed out that the newly founded Tsinghua Statistics Center and Tsinghua Quality and Reliability Institute, both affiliated to IE Department, would give a good promotion for its long-term and high-quality development. He highlighted the two words leadership and enjoy and hoped that the students should cultivate independent thinking and try to make decisions by themselves, dare to face challenge, and learn to enjoy the laugh and tear as well as the success and failure in their college life. 

Prof. Cheng Wang expressed three points of expectations to the freshmen: firstly, manage to live independently; secondly, face the change, and thirdly, shoulder the responsibility of national development and integrate personal value with that of the society. Wenhuan Chang, a senior, introduced features of the department and responsibilities of Tsinghua students. The freshman representative Chuanju Liu shared his own understanding of Tsinghua spirit and responsibilities, and expressed his determination to strive for the prosperity of the motherland. Prof. Wei Zhang introduced the study in college as well as their educational plan, and expressed his expectations to the students by highlighting “to be, to know, to do, and to live together”. Prof. Kaibo Wang explained to the freshman the department’s resources and general situation of student affairs, and the university’s rules and regulations. 

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