Teachers of IE Department Won First Prize of National Teaching Achievement Award of Higher Education 2014.09.17

With the 30th Teachers Day approaching, a conference was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on September 9th, to commend the advanced collectives and individuals of the national education system, and celebrate the 30th Teachers Day. President Jinping Xi and other party and state leaders, Keqiang Li, Yunshan Liu and Gaoli Zhang, met with the representatives receiving the honor. The Ministry of Education announced the winners of the 2014 National Teaching Achievement Award of Higher Education. In total, 1320 programs won the Award, among which Tsinghua obtained three first prizes and seven second prizes.   

The programs winning the first prizes are: Combination of Liberal Education and Personality Development—Concept and Practice of Economic Management Undergraduate Program Education Reform by authors like Yingyi Qian from School of Economics and Management, Understanding and Practice New Concept of Quality in Talent Cultivation—Ten-year Exploration on Cultivation of International Integrated Talents of Industrial Engineering by authors like Li Zheng from Department of Industrial Engineering, and Tsinghua Experimental Class of Computer Science: Reform and Practice of Innovative Academic Talents Cultivation by authors like Qizhi Yao from Institute For Interdisciplinary Information Sciences.

Prof. Yingyi Qian, Wei Zhang and Yuanyuan Duan attended the conference as the award-winning representatives.

Teaching Achievement Award of Higher Education, an award of national level issued by the State Council and selected every four years since 1989, represents the highest level of the nation’s higher education teaching work at present. And National Teaching Achievement Award was set up in 2013, including elementary education (preschool education and special education), vocational education (including higher vocational education) and higher education (including adult higher education) with the first, second and third levels prizes granted.


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