Professor Wei Zhang won the 14th "Good Mentor and Friend" award of Tsinghua University 2014.10.13

Tsinghua News Network on September 28th (reporters Yan Wang, Xuan Hu of Yantong News Agency) On the evening of September 26, the ceremony of the 14th “Good Mentor and Friend” award of Tsinghua University was held in the Grand Auditorium. Principal Jining Chen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zongkai Shi, vice president Qikun Xue, assistant principal and graduate school president Bin Yang and others attended the ceremony.

The theme of this year's awards ceremony was "the way of teacher" and is composed of four parts, that is, “He who is knowledgeable becomes the teacher”, “He who teaches good becomes the friend”, “Cultivating morality as the first task” and “Educating people as the basic work”. A total of 40 winners of the "Good Mentor and Friend" award were selected via student vote, among which 10 professor won special award. This year an award named "Hall of Fame of Good Mentor and Friend " was added, being granted to teachers who has already got the " Good Mentor and Friend " title for more than 5 times. Jining Chen awarded to 16 teachers who received this award.

Qikun Xue congratulated the award-winning teachers, sayting that it seems to be contradictions between a “Good Mentor” and a “Good Friend”, that is, a good mentor must be strict to students which produces a sense of distance, while good friends share close intimacy but may not be responsible enough. Therefore it is hard to balance the two roles. Despite this difficulty, the teachers who won the award of “Good Mentor and Friend” are the models for every teacher to learn from.

Professor Wenxing Shi of School of Architecture, naming affectionately “little stone” by his students, has sent three letters to urge a student to modify a paper in late nights and has also searched for detailed route to the airport for his student, for which they exclaimed that Professor Shi is nicer to them than their fathers. Zhuo Zhuang, professor of School of Aeronautics and Astronautics has told the students the deep teacher-student relationship between him and Academician Kezhi Huang that lasts for a few decades. The close relationship is exactly both teacher-student relationship and friendship, which moved every audience.

The “Good Mentor and Friend” activity of Tsinghua University has been held for 14 years since the first one in 1998. The aim is to vote by the graduates for outstanding graduate teachers, by which create a good atmosphere of respecting the teachers. So far 604 professors have won the title of “Good Mentor and Friend” of Tsinghua University. The activity has contributed much to the promotion of the construction of campus culture, becoming one of the brand activities of Tsinghua University.

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