Department of Industrial Engineering Commencement Ceremony 2012.07.13

The 2012 commencement ceremony of Department of Industrial Engineering took place in Xijie Building on July 4th. Over 100 members, who are department dean Li Zheng, party secretary of department Zhizhong Li, vice dean for teaching affairs Wei Zhang, vice dean for research affairs Simin Huang, the dean assistant Ye Cheng, graduates and undergraduates of this year, some students’ parents and teacher representatives, attended the ceremony attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Kaibo Wang, who is head of undergraduate affair office.

    The head teacher of undergraduate class Ming Yu and teacher representative Binfeng Li delivered a speech respectively. Looking back on days the students spent in campus, they thought highly of the students’ progress. They also encouraged students to keep on going, keep improving personal ability and professionalism to realize dreams. Undergraduates Wancheng Feng, Chiwei Yan, Qing Lan, graduates representative Zhuang Wang and overseas students representative Lanxin Wei also spoke at the ceremony. They expressed thanks and gratefulness to department and school.

     Vice dean for teaching affairs Wei Zhang declared the list of the graduates. Leaders of department presented each gradated students with souvenirs. Party secretary of department Zhizhong Li awarded department counselors with certificates and sounenirs. At last, department dean Li Zheng delivered concluding remarks. He hoped the students should keep in mind with both school’s and department’s instructions. set up both career and life goals and keep in touch with the department. 
 The ceremony ended in all members’ chorus of old school song. Then teachers and students took group photo before the school hall. In the evening, the send-off dinner party was held in Taoli Yuan. 

Figure 1: Graduate representative Qing Lan speaking at the ceremony 

Figure 2: Overseas student representative Lanxin Wei speaking at the ceremony 

Figure 3: Department leader presenting the graduates with souvenir 

Figure 4: Department party secretary Zhizhong Li awarding department counselors with certificates and sounenirs 


Figure 5: Department dean Li Zheng delivering concluding remarks 

Figure 6: Group photo of teachers and graduated students

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