Progress Continuously in Innovation –the 2013 Meeting for Undergraduate Students 2013.02.02

On the afternoon of November 23, 2013, the 2013 Meeting for Undergraduate  Students from Department of Industrial Engineering was successfully held in  Ming Li Building. The deputy head Prof. Zhang Wei and the deputy party  secretary Li Lefei, as well as all counselors and undergraduate students in all  grades, attended the meeting. The conference not only summed up some of the  innovations made in the teaching work, but also portrayed a new future for it.

The conference was chaired by Li Lefei, with Zhang Wei as the  speaker. During the meeting,  Pro. Zhang  explained the innovation in the teaching work of our department to give us a  clearer understanding of our future teaching plan, which made all confident  about our future development.

Each teacher /student is the initiator and beneficiary  of the reform

There was a big change this year in our department on the graduate  enrollment. On one hand the number of master’s had declined; on the other hand,  the number of Ph.D. greatly increased. Pro. Zhang mentioned that it was the  development direction of the university.

As we all know, our department was young but dynamic. Reform had  never stopped after the 12- year department construction. Undoubtedly,  innovation in teaching was one of the strong promoters for the progress from  international teaching, to continuously move forward the world's most advanced  industrial engineering. Meanwhile, our teachers and students were not only  active explorers of the new reform program, but also the beneficiaries of the  reform. We were building a world-class industrial engineering department, and  we must continue to innovate in teaching.

Academic  research of teachers and PhD will quickly gain a big step

What was the direction of our teaching reform? And what about the  results? Prof. Zhang explained that since this year, the pattern of "More PhD,  less master" in our department had been formed. It was the requirement not only  to improve our international academic impact, but also for the reform of the  department personnel system.

International academic impact meant more advanced scientific  research. Since Ph.D. was a very important force in university research, in the  future a higher demand for scientific research results would be made to Ph.D.  and master’s students. In addition, a new teacher personnel system also  encourage teachers to do more research. What’s more, our university is  emphasizing more on good research, and thus under such situation, we adopted  these innovating measures in our teaching system this year.

"We believe that academic research of teachers and PhD will  quickly gain a big step." Zhang said with full of joy.

We  are concerned about the development of every student
 Each teacher and student should be the beneficiaries of the reform,  which was the pursuit we would never change. From the introduction of our  teaching requirements, we found that our department emphasized more on the  comprehensive ability of students than on our grades, and it benefited all  students greatly.

And in order to focus on different people, the department launched a  considerable number of policies, including the before instructor program aimed  at the different life planning of students and the upcoming program "Abroad  Train". For different students, we wanted to make them beneficiaries in the  reform, for the reason that concerned about the development of each student,  was not only a goal, but also one of the aspects we focused in the innovation.

Finally, in the interactive session, Pro. Zhang Wei answered questions  collected about teaching plan. Through the interpretation and interaction, the  department and students directly communicated and contributed to the construction  of a future teaching system. We firmly believed our academic research would get  a fast step, and the innovation would eventually promote the further development  of our department as usual, and at the same time benefit every teacher and  student.

Student Correspondent: Pan Yiming

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