2023 New Cohort IE International Master Students’ Initial Exploring of Chinese Industry Society and Culture 2023.09.22

Stepping into the new semester of 2023, the Department of Industrial Engineering extended a warm and heartfelt welcome to the 2023 cohort international master students embarking on their new phase of educational journey. What’s more, to help the students understand and experience chinese culture, society, and industry, a two-day Immersion Class was held during the orientation weeks on September 13 and 15, 2023. This immersion class took the new cohort of 2023 international master students to experience and visit Chinese innovative and traditional industries and iconic landmarks, including JD Group, WUYUTAI TEA, Zhan Tianyou Memorial Museum, and the Great Wall. Guided and led by Assoc. Prof. Junyi Liu and Assoc. Prof. Wei Qi, students gained invaluable insights, global perspectives, and dived into Chinese industry, society, and culture during the Immersion Class.


With the introduction and guidance of Qi Ren, who is a MEM student and architect at JD, international master students visited the headquarter and the Asia No.1 warehouse of JD. As a well-known company specializing in e-commerce, technology, and supply chain logistics, JD is renowned for its fulfilment networks that utilize automation, data analytics, and cutting-edge technology to optimize operations. Students learnt the enriched history and evolution of JD and numerous delivery device robots, as well as observed the delivery devices in action and firsthand logistics and supply chain management at the warehouse. With distribution centers strategically located across China, this visit provided a demonstration of how industrial engineering principles are put into action in the real world.

Our Immersion class trip to the JD HQ in Beijing was an eye-opening experience. We were allowed behind-the-scenes access to retail giants' history, logistics, and culture of continuously innovating. The operational excellence and customer-centric innovations at JD provided me with invaluable insights, which I hope to bring to my home country of Malawi in the Future. The immersion class served as an inspiration for embracing future opportunities in retail and beyond.”

------ Adam Chintedza(龙天睿), 2023 IMEM Program Student

Visit at JD Headquarter

Assoc. Prof. Junyi Liu explaining the Asia No.1 warehouse

Group photo at Asia No.1 warehouse


The tea culture in China has a long and profound history and is of great significance. WUYUTAI, a centuries-old time-honored brand, presented a traditional and professional tea ceremony for the international students. The informative presentation illustrated vividly the art and history of tea culture. Students made tea on their own in groups by following a series of rituals, such as cleaning the tea set, washing tea leaves, rinsing the tea pot, pouring tea, etc. With the fragrant tea aroma permeated the teahouse, students were also beautifully immersed in it.

“During my early weeks in China, before diving into my Master's studies at Tsinghua, I had the chance to visit WUYUTAI and experience a traditional tea ceremony. Coming from Germany, this was a fresh and exciting experience. It was fascinating to learn from a master tea maker about the art of preparing traditional Chinese tea. Sharing this moment with fellow international students from my class and sipping tea together was both enlightening and fun. After the tea ceremony, I browsed the teahouse store's selection. They had a wide range of high-quality Chinese teas, each with its own distinct and memorable aroma.”

------ Yannik Trinn(亚尼克), 2023 THU-RWTH Program Student

Staff at WUYUTAI TEA showing the tea ceremony

Students learning the culture of tea and making tea

Group photo at WUYUTAI TEA

Zhan Tianyou Memorial Museum and Badaling Great Wall

An educational visit to Zhan Tianyou Memorial Museum began the day by taking the high-speed train to Badaling Great Wall. The museum is dedicated to the life and accomplishments of the renowned Chinese civil engineer, Zhan Tianyou. Stepping into the museum, students were immediately immersed in the world of railways. The walls were adorned with historical artifacts, old documents, and photographs that painted a vivid picture of the railway stories from the past. Interactive parts displayed the obstacles, challenges, and triumphs faced during the railway's construction and subsequent evolution. The museum's layout was thoughtfully designed, guided chronologically through the railway's milestones. From its initial blueprints to the technological advancements that modernized it, every exhibit told a unique story. The latest advancements in high-speed train technology, improved infrastructure, and increased capacity are showcased in the museum as well. During the rapid development of the railway, the high-speed train is now an iconic symbol of China all over the world.

The second stop of the day is the Badaling Great Wall, another iconic landmark around the world. Students explored the Great Wall in teams with several tasks to complete during the hiking. The vast expanse of the wall, stretching as far as the eye could see, is a testament to human perseverance and ambition. It makes the students reflect on the countless generations and dynasties that dedicated themselves to constructing and preserving this monumental edifice. The journey is challenging with steep inclines, but the breathtaking scenery is worth every step. The excursion is a memento of this once-in-a-lifetime experience for every student.

“Our visit to the memorial museum named after the prominent engineer Zhan Tianyou in Beijing provided us with an incredible opportunity to understand the challenges and achievements of Chinese engineers in the 20th century. We have gained a deep insight on the history behind the construction of Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway system built independently by Chinese engineers with limited use of technological resources.”

------ Vakhabov Biloliddin(比尔), 2023 GMA Program Student

“The visit at the Great Wall was a well-organized and fun experience. It gave us the opportunity to appreciate the history and culture of one of the oldest civilizations, that has seen its values and traditions survive across millennials. This architectural masterpiece offers a breathtaking view of the countryside while also witnessing countless battles, each of which shaped China as we know it today. Standing on top of a monument destined to war, while visiting it as a modern tourist, reminds us of the beauty that emanates from what humans can accomplish when their lives and cultural integrity are at stakes. Besides being an instructive experience, sharing this activity with my classmates was a nice moment to bond and enjoy each other’s presence”

------ Jiahao Xu(徐家豪), 2023 THU-PM Program Student

Assoc. Prof. Wei Qi explaining the railway system at Zhan Tianyou Memorial Museum

Group photo at Zhan Tianyou Memorial Museum

Students exploring Badaling Great Wall

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