The International Master’s Program Team of the Department of Industrial Engineering Organizes Alumni and Students Fellowship Event 2023.09.23

On September 16th of 2023, the International Master's Program Team of the Department of Industrial Engineering (referred to as IE Department in the following) held an event hosted by a 2023 new student, Aaron Putting, bringing together a diverse group of attendees, including alumni, senior students, new students, professors, and staff. The primary goal of this event is to provide a platform to foster strong connections, share valuable experiences, and provide insights for both the alumni and students.

The beginning of the event

The event commenced with a warm and welcoming speech given by the Dean of IE Department, Prof. Jingshan Li, who set the tone for the day and emphasized the significance of the gathering, launching the day filled with engaging interactions and collaborations. The attendees were filled with anticipation and excitement for the event.

Speech by the dean of the Department of Industrial Engineering

The “Alumni Echoes” sharing session started with two distinguished alumni from the THU-RWTH program, Marcel Dekorsi and Yuk Wing Li. With successful careers at Mercedes Benz, they shared their Tsinghua University experiences and career insights, engaging the audience in meaningful discussions. Their stories served as a source of inspiration for those embarking on their academic journey. A pioneering alumnus from the International Master of Engineering Management (IMEM) program, Alex Soon, shared his Tsinghua journey, how the program prepared him for his career, and provided valuable insights into his life in China post-graduation. Meanwhile, another IMEM alumna, Evy Pinero, facilitated an interactive session that encouraged open dialogue, questions, and discussions, contributing to a diverse range of perspectives. From alumni’s sharing, students learned about their diverse experiences and suggestions regarding study at Tsinghua, career development, and life in China. After that, two performances from new students, Joshua Koebe Johnson and Yiqian Chen, featured a talent showcase, which included a bilingual song and a soulful Cantonese song, injecting a sense of relaxation and joy.



“Alumni Echoes”

Performances from 2023 new students

After the sharing session, the International Program Director of the IE Department, Prof. Liang Ma, summarized the event and shared his experience and advice on academic study and future careers, wishing the students a happy and promising life in China. In the end, all the students and alumni joined various groups to discuss and exchange their experiences.

Speech by the International Program Director of IE Department

The professors' speeches and alumni sharing provided all the students with a much clearer perspective of their study, life, and future careers, initiating direct interaction with accomplished alumni. From in-depth technical discussions to educational experiences and insights, the gathering was diverse and rich. As laughter and conversations filled the air, attendees gained knowledge, made new friends, and strengthened bonds, making the event a significant and fulfilling experience for all.

Group photo


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